Gravity Falls

Any other Straight Dopers like the Gravity Falls cartoon series? I think there were only two seasons. Do you have any favourite episodes? One episode that I like is when Blendin Blandin the time traveler challenges Dipper and Mabel to compete in Globnar.

We finished watching it a couple of weeks ago. So weird, so good.

Avatar is probably the best animated show I’ve seen, but Gravity Falls is definitely second. Love the show and have watched it through multiple times, including with my kids.

We watched all of them, and even worked the cryptograms at the ends of the episodes. Great show.

I enjoyed the episode “Fight Fighters” where they brought the video game character into real life. I would probably ruin it by trying to explain it, but it’s a pretty funny treatment.

I absolutely loved “Gravity Falls”.

It has only two seasons absolutely on purpose. The creator (Alex Hitachi) was very firmly decided not to let the show be stretched into utter mediocrity. When the overarching story ended, the show ended. Period.

I only know of another series that did something similar: “Fawlty Towers”; finished after two seasons and 12 episodes of great quality.

My favorite episode of “Gravity Falls” would have to be the one about the US president that was suppressed from history. My favorite character is Bill Cypher (who was genuinely scary). And my favorite moment in terms of “what on EARTH is going on”/“this changes a lot of my preconceptions” was the ending of the first season.

Absolutely fantastic show. I check it out again whenever I have the chance.

If you want more in a somewhat similar vein, as there is some creator-crossover, try The Owl House. It’s slightly more juvenile, but I think there’s more beneath the surface to it that will be revealed, just like Gravity Falls.

Another short series I would recommend would be Over The Garden Wall (whose creator, Patrick McHale, voiced Hectorgon in Gravity Falls. Yeah, I don’t really recall him , either)

Legion ended on its own terms at the end of its third season, ending the story nicely. The Office UK also only ran two seasons(and one Xmas special) so that it would not overstay its welcome.

Also, Avatar: The Last Airbender was slated to run only three seasons (they’d wanted four when they pitched the series, but only got OK’d for three.) It’s sequel series, Legend of Korra was the same, but with four seasons. Babylon 5 likewise had a planned five year arc, although it got a bit messed up by network bullshit.

I think this is a lot more common these days with “prestige” TV. Breaking Bad, for example, ended after five seasons on a ratings high - not sure if that was planned from the start, but it certainly had the legs to go longer, if they’d wanted to.

Alex Hirsch. Presumably an autocorrect error.

I just started watching the show a couple weeks ago, and found this thread. I’d seen bits and pieces of it before but never really committed. Now I’m glad I finally did! I love the way it’s morphing from a silly kids’ show into something deeper (and in some cases, darker!) I just started the second season, watching a new one each day with lunch. Looking forward to seeing where things go.

So far, my favorite character is Grunkle Stan. I loved it when he got all heroic to save the kids in “Scary-oke.”

Click here to here Stan and Zoos call in election fraud they saw in the 2020 election.