Grease: A "I Never Understood..." Scene

Seen the scene a hundred times, but I still don’t get… At the start of the drag race, Kinicky asks Danny if he can be his #2? I think he even makes reference to some movie character of that era, but it is not James Dean (as I would have expected). What is this all about? I WAG Kinicky is saying (in his own way) he doesn’t want to see Danny, the leader of the T-birds, get hurt or killed? Aye, am I right, or am I right? …Right?

[Ironically, Danny winds up driving anyhow as Kinicki gets knocked out cold.]

It’s a dueling term.

*Each party would name a trusted representative (a “second”) who would, between them, determine a suitable “field of honour”. It was also the duty of each party’s second to check that the weapons were equal and that the duel was fair. *

What standingwave said.

I think the OP is asking about the rebel movie character who is not James Dean, not what a second is.

^ Re-read the OP, including the thread title. :wink:

I don’t believe it’s stated explicitly.

Hey, Danny, uh… We’ve been friends a long time, right?
Remember the drive-in the other night. There was the duel. The guy’s best friend went with him, like his second?
Yeah. So?
Well, uh… I thought that you could be my second at Thunder Road.

Looks like you may be right.

I was asking what a “second” is. The scene is really poorly written. There are ways to clue in the audience without spelling it out for them. I’d wag this one is just lost on most audiences.

Yeah it was just a way for Danny to step in when Kenicky got knocked out.