Greaseman's Black Slacks: Who?

The Greaseman was a DJ in Washington in the 80s and 90s. He had a bit where he’d play a slow, psychedelic version of the song Black Slacks (originally by Joe Bennet and the Sparkletones, methinks). I haven’t been able to track down who it was. Any ideas?

I think Robert Gordon did a song of the same title, but I cannot say if it was a cover or what, let alone if it’s what you are looking for.

Naw, it’s not Robert Gordon. I already checked him out.

Thanks, though.

Ask him yourself:

He still has a show in DC, somewhere low on the AM dial, which is also broadcast in places like Fredericksburg and Altoona. Interestingly, one of the stations carrying his show is in West Virginia. Wonder if he still pokes fun at them?

Having a hard time finding that song too! Found the bit though:

Most of that is actually Grease himself singing. He takes a break from overdubbing the vocal at 4:41, at which point Robert Gordon can be heard.

Sorry, no idea who does the slower version heard at 1:30 during the “benediction” bit.

He’s on Facebook, too.

He was here (Jacksonville) before that-an icon of my childhood, in a way…