Great BrainTeaser Riddles?

I think these are considered brain teasers.

There is a guy dead in the desert next to a rock. What happened?

Then the brain teased person must ask yes or no questions till they can guess the answer.

My other favorites:

Guy walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The bartender pulls out a gun and points it at the person. The person says “Thanks.” and walks out of the bar.

A guy is laying dead in an alley next to 53 bycycles. What happened.

A guy is hanging by his neck dead over a wet floor. How did he get there?

Jack and Jill are in a house dead. The floor is covered with water and broken glass. What happened.

Here are the answers to these if you want to use em.

  1. The guy is superman. The rock is kryptonite.
  2. the guy had the hiccups.
  3. the guy was cheating at poker. The bycycles are bycycle cards. (I hated this one.)
  4. the guy stood on a block of ice.
  5. Jack and jill are fish. the fish tank broke.

So anyone have any other good ones? I love these riddle/brain teaser things…I can’t find any others on the Internet though.

Please share if you have em…with the answers please! :slight_smile:

AKA 60-second mysteries. They were quite popular in MPSIMS once upon a time, but I wouldn’t know what keyword to use in a search.

Here’s a real-life one:
A man is riding in a motorcade in the city of Dallas, Texas. Shots are heard and the man is killed. This man was a very important politician. A rifle is found in a book repository overlooking the street. Who was the killer?

Here’s one that stumped a small group i was in for a little while.

A man walks into a hardware store, looking to do some home improvements. He walks to the counter and asks “How much for one?” the clerk replies “One is 6 dollars”. He then says “Ok, then how much for two?” to which the clerk answers “Two would be 12 dollars” The man considers this a moment, finally asking “So how much for 200?” Smiling, the clerk replies “200 would be 18 dollars, Sir.”

What is he buying?

He’s buying separate digits to put up as a house number in front of his house.

I’m pretty sure I posted some brain teasers here long ago, when this message board was steam-powered… Here’s one of my favorites: [with TWO solutions, even]
A cook needs four ounces of milk for a recipe. He goes into a storage room with a large vat of undetermined quantity, carrying only two containers: an unmarked five ounce cup and an unmarked three ounce cup. He has no other containers, utensils, etc. with him - only the two cups. How does obtain the four ounces?

1A: Fill the five ounce cup.
1B: Pour three ounces from the five ounce cup into the three ounce cup.
1C: Empty the three ounce cup back into the large vat.
1D: Pour the remaining two ounces in the five ounce cup into the three ounce cup.
1E: Fill the five ounce cup and then finish filling the three ounce cup, which will take one ounce. You will end up with four ounces in the five ounce cup.
2A: Fill the three ounce cup.
2B: Empty the three ounce cup into the five ounce cup.
2C: Fill the three ounce cup.
2D: Pour two ounces from the cup into the five ounce cup, which will fill the five ounce cup, leaving one ounce in the three ounce cup.
2E: Empty the five ounce cup into the large vat.
2F: Pour the one ounce in the three ounce cup into the five ounce cup.
2G: Fill the three ounce cup.
2H: Add the three ounces in the three ounce cup to the one ounce in the five ounce cup, and you end up with four ounces in the five ounce cup.

Along the lines of the OP, here are my favorites, but I’ll wait a bit before posting the answers…

A man is afraid to go home because a man is waiting for him w/ a mask. (Similar, a man leaves home, makes 3 left turns and returns home.)

Two men enter the desert wearing the same thing. One walks out alive.

A naked man is lying dead in a field holding a straw.

Two men are found dead in a cabin in the woods.

A man walks into a seafood restaurant and orders albatross. He takes one bite of it and walks outside and off the pier, committing suicide.

A man lives on the 16th floor of a building. At the end of each day, he gets into the elevator, presses the button for the 8th floor. When he gets there, he gets out and takes the stairs to the 16th floor. Unless it’s raining or there’s someone else in the elevator. The he goes all the way to floor 16.

My all time favorite: The lights went off and she died.

Along the lines of more classic riddles, here are 2:

  1. You throw away the outside, cook the inside, eat the outside and throw away the inside.

  2. Those that make it don’t need it, those that buy it don’t want it, and those that need it don’t know it.

  1. The man is playing baseball.
  2. Its an airplane cabin, the plane crashed, they died.
  3. The man is a midgit so he can’t reach past the 8th button. On rainy days he has an umbrella to reach the buttons, if someone else is there he can ask them to.

Wearia is 3-for-3 :smiley:

  1. You throw away the outside, cook the inside, eat the outside and throw away the inside.

Someone is throwing away their egg yolks.

Excellent guess, and the best I’ve heard, but another answer fits better…

The man was part of a crew of balloonists. The balloon was falling, so after throwing everything out of the basket, they drew straws to see who would jump out and save the rest. The man drew the short straw.

The man had been in a shipwreck with some other people. Another man in the wreck had given him meat, saying it was albatross. As soon as he was rescued, he went to the restaurant to see what albatross tasted like. It tasted totally different from the meat he had eaten, so he realized that he’d eaten another shipmate’s flesh instead, so he committed suicide.

  1. Corn on the cob
  2. A coffin

Was this the one where she was on a kidney dialysis machine? When the power went off, that was it for her.
A friend of mine (this is twenty or thirty years ago) actually had a book of these sort of puzzles. Another really good one:

A man is with a ring is found dead in the desert. How did he die?
A bit longer to get the story out, but also a good one:

A man turns out the light and goes to bed. The next day, after reading his morning newspaper, he shoots himself. Why?
There are two that I can’t remember enough of the details right now… so I’ll just spill 'em: one had to do with a man who couldn’t get out of a burning building, and the answer turns out to be that he is an (American) Indian who has never seen a doorknob before, so could not exit the room! I always thought that one was pretty stupid.

Another one I can’t remember the details to has to do with a guy putting a letter into a mailbox, but because of ice on the pickup times posted something is screwed up… maybe it was a bomb or something…

OK, three last ones. These are very long and detailed stories to figure out, so this is obviously the wrong format to figure them out, as you need to ask yes or no questions, but here they are:

**The music stops and a man dies. Why?

A man with a cane shoots himself in his place of employment and dies. Why?

A man with a cape delivers a box to another man. A few days later he is arrested for murder. Why?**

I love these. Don’t forget to provide answers if no one guesses (or knows) and posts it, please.

what about those two guys who entered the desert wearing the same thing?

they were both wearing their heart on their sleeves?

They were both in their birthday suits?

Were they both alive when they entered the desert? They were both in tuxedo’s or something, but one guy was dead and the other left him in the desert buried or something?

the man with the ring…was in the circus or something? he was in a ring with a lion and the lion ate him?

the man delivering the box…delivered a box with someone’s severed head in it? He wore a cape cause he was a superhero?

the guy who woke up and read the paper…read that “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” had been canceled…so naturally he killed himself.

There are some games like this…Mind Trap and Crack the Case.

A snake charmer stops playing, and his cobra bites him?

Similar to one above - both parachuted into the desert. One man’s parachute didn’t open.

The way I heard this one - she was a tightrope walker who was blind. She was doing her act when the music stopped - she assumed she was at the end, stepped off and fell to her death.

Correctly answered by Cougarfang.

Good one. I had forgotten it - the man is a lighthouse keeper and realizes that his mistake caused a shipwreck…