Great Dramas w/ Homeless Protagonist?

Blue Ruin from the same writer/director (Jeremy Saulnier) also features a homeless protagonist, and has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

For another Best Picture Oscar winner, I think the main character in Slumdog Millionaire was homeless during some of the story.

Sure, great film, but quite the ultimate rating you gave, there.

Isn’t Matthew McConaughey supposed to be sorta quasi-homeless, or something, in a whack of his films?

Edward Murphy in Trading Places.

When I was working with homeless men, one of them had a great dane.

Thank you!

De nada. (What did you think of the ending?)

The Maxx

Well, my Top 10 is Harry and Tonto, La Strada, Nashville, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?,Network, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Battle of Algiers, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, A Woman Under The Influence, Buffalo '66

It was recommended by my Sociology professor, and I think all the movies I love are social somehow - either social commentary, or social literally, with a focus on characters.

Not ‘great’, more ‘not bad’ - The Terminal - set in an airport with a man [Tom Hanks] is essentially stateless, being refused entry to the US and unable to return home to his made-up former Soviet country.

If you like the lower class British drama of Shane Meadows then Dead Man’s Shoes has a former soldier who, returning to his home town, camps out at a derelict farm.

I found it entertaining and watchable. Calling it great is possibly a stretch.


Sorry, I haven’t been back to the thread. It was powerful. Ever since, I try to say hello or at least make eye contact with every homeless person I pass in the street.

How were you received?

Friendly to enthusiastically the vast majority of the time. At worst I’m ignored. John Prine was right; say “Hello in there” (but in a way less snarky-sounding).

Of Mice and Men. Itinerant workers.

Also the two Cannery Row books cover a group of homeless men quite a bit. They made a film, and yes, the Guys were covered, although Doc was the primary.

A few other Steinbeck books, too.

With Honors - Bunch of Gen-X hipsters take in a homeless Joe Pesci:

And given today is May the 4th:

Other than Han and Chewie living in the Falcon, the rest of the cast are basically homeless for most of the film. Lukes home on Tatooine was torched by stormtroopers. Leia’s world was blow’d up. Does Obi Wan have a “place” or is he just a drifter?

A Streetcat Named Bob.

Most people seem more impressed with Grave of the Fireflies than I was.