The best movie no one ever heard of.

My vote (for the moment) goes to The Sadist.

Starring that star of stars…Arch Hall Jr! Who went on to fame as an airline pilot. His biggest claim to fame before this flick was Eegah co starring with a young Richard “Jaws” Keil.

The Sadist is losely based on the Starkweather/Fugate murder spree from the late 50’s and it’s a great movie. Very intense for it’s time (1963).

Hall does great job as the crazed Charlie who has not one ounce of remorse. Marilyn Manning does a great job as his gum chewing teeny bopper girlfriend.

If you get a chance…catch this movie. Well worth your time.

One last thing…I love the way he meets his end. Don’t read this if you think you might see the movie.

He falls in a pit of rattlesnakes.

I’ll offer up a little number that I played in the current Movie Game: Inserts.

Hollywood at the dawn of talkies, a nekkid Jessica Harper…what’s not to love? :smiley:

The 7 Faces of Dr Lao - I have it on DVD and everyone I’ve loaned it to has thought it was great. But it’s virtually unknown. (With the exception that Joel on MST3K said it was his favorite movie of all time.)


The Blue Igauna, starring a pre-Practice Dylan McDermott.

I am the Wizard of Speed and Time
Jaw dropping special effects all done without CGI.

Oh my cod!
Holy mackerel!

Going to have to buy that sucker while I remember to.

A Polish Vampire in Burbank is such campy fun!

Written, directed and starring Mark Pirro; I believe he thinks himself a modern-day Ed Wood.

I’m a big fan of Closet Land, and I’m pretty sure most people never heard of it.

How unknown is Last Night?

That, and I always thought Zeppelin had a certain quirky charm to it.

Return of the Secaucus 7 A great John Sayles flick.

The Business of Fancydancing. Taken from Sherman Alexei’s book of short stories, the script is like filmed poetry. Amazing stuff on a shoestring budget.

The Well – great social drama, years ahead of its time.

Black Moon – weird and wonderful

Deathwatch (Le Mort en direct) – Probably the best adaptation of a science fiction novel ever. Barely released.

Picking Up the Pieces – wild little comedy. Probably has the greatest number of well-known actors of any movie in this thread (see the full credits), but no one has seen it.

Playtime – one of the greatest comedies ever – but you must watch it in a theater. Even a big-screen TV isn’t big enough.

Hmmm – I’'ve seen The Seven Faces of Doctor Lao. It was fairly famous when it came out – it’s hard to think of it as a movie “nobody knows”.

Saw The SWizard of Speed and Time, and met its director, Mike Jittlov. He’s got a lot of other shorts, equally wonderful, and I have no idea where you’d see them. If you get a chance, watch is Animato. It’s his “audition” piece, showing what he can do. Incidentally, he described his plans for a full-length feature versiion of TWOSAT back when he had just made the short version, and it was very different from the version released in 1989. I suspect he couldn’t get the money he needed, which is a shame. His planned version of TWOSAT would’ve been a helluva flick.
I’ve seen Deathwatch – it showed in art movie houses, and I’ve even taped it from TV. Interesting, but slow-moving.


I’ve mentioned Panic in Year Zero on these Boards before (and pretty recently, too). Ray Milland plays a father trying to save his family after unnamed Bad Guys (undoubtedly Commie Rooskies) nuke LA. Made about 1960 on a very low budgetm, but very well done.
Creation of the Humanoids – offbeat SF movie supposedly based on Jack Williamson’s novel “The Humanoids” (which the recent movie “I, Robot” resembles a lot more than it does Asimov’s novel), but which differs from its source radically. Worth watching.

The Hidden – might not be as unknown, but I’m surprised how few people seem to know about it.
Robinson Crusoe on Mars - ditto. Siurprisingly good SF from the early 1960s. Features a pre-Batman Adam West.

Talvisota (Winter War)

Good flick about the Russian invasion of Finland in '39.

Cold Feet - You get 94 minutes of Tom Waits, and he is magnificent!

Sorcerer, which is itself a remake of The Wages Of Fear, also a too-little-known movie.

Plot: Deep in the jungle of Central America, an oil well catches fire. To snuff the flames, they need dynamite, but the only TNT they can find is in a shed deep in the woods; it hasn’t been turned in ages, so the highly-volatile nitroglycerine has leached out of the sticks, meaning the slightest bump could cause an explosion. Four desperate men, who came to Central America to escape their pasts and have nothing to lose, are hired to drive two trucks across 200 miles of unforgiving jungle terrain, carrying the TNT to its destination.

[url=]Waking Ned Devine.

My claiming that “no one’s ever heard of it” here on the SD is a pretty big risk; we’re international, so odds are someone, somewhere, will have heard of it.

On a personal note, I really like this movie. A lot. One o fmy faves. Since the Commitments and The Snapper are also on my personal faves list, Ireland has a better track record with me by far with movies than Hollywood.

Irish Dopers: feel free to recommend me some more good Irish flicks.

Waking Ned Devine.


I’ve not only heard of it, I’ve seen it.

Boondock Saints gets my vote, although it’s a bloody movie.