The best movie that no one saw

Waking Life by Richard Linklater was an outstanding film that no one I have come across has seen. It is a discussion on ancient and modern philosophy, futurism, dreaming, life, death, liberty and other equally profound topics. Plus, the entire movie has been rotoscoped (animating over film) in a beautiful and trippy style.

What movie do you love that no one saw?

The film would have to be Arlington Road with Tim Robbins. Noone I know has seen that movie.

i saw Arlington Road---- great ending.

Barcelona, by Whit Stillman.

I know, I know – all the movie geeks have seen it. But I got tremendous mileage for a couple of years out of sending it to friends as Christmas or birthday presents. Every one of them had never heard of it but loved it.

The Blood of Heroes, starring Rutger (Blade Runner) Hauer and Joan (Twin Peaks) Chen. It’s a sports movie (well, a bloodsports movie) about a team of “Juggers” who want to compete in the big leagues. Lots of bone breaking and blood and hand-to-hand combat in a desperate grim spectacle without all the set-piece choreography of a dumbass kung-fu flick. People get hurt and they stay hurt, unlike sterotypical action movies where heroes shrug off ten or fifteen punches to the face.

Plus they throw in some stuff about class warfare and warrior honour. Politically correct for its mixture of nationalities and gender roles, but not sanctimoniously so, thank God.

Highest rating, mostly for Hauer. I recommend this action movie for people who like strong female characters, since Joan Chen delivers and looks hot doing it, with a bimbo factor of zero. Also features Vincent D’Onofrio and Delroy Lindo, making his debut.

Meet the Feebles by the great Peter Jackson. :wink:

Festen (aka The Celebration), the first “Dogme 95” movie, directed by Lars von Trier. Takes awhile to get into, but very powerful. Would have been a classic, except (a) all the other Dogme movies stunk and (b) its subject matter (paternal sex abuse) made it anathema to the Academy and for American cinema in general.

Hey, my DVD of Meet The Feebles just arrived. What a coincidence.

I’ll name two, since they’re the same basic story and too few people have seen either: Sorcerer and The Wages Of Fear. The latter is a B&W French film, the former William Friedkin’s remake. Story: an oil well in Central America is ablaze, and they need dynamite to snuff it out. All that’s available are some old crates that have been neglected; the nitroglycerine has leeched out, meaning the slightest bump could cause an explosion. Four desperate men sign up to drive over 200 miles through the jungle in trucks loaded with the volatile stuff. Very intense.

**Some Girls **(1988)

I think I’m the only one who’s ever seen this movie.

Two come to mind

First, Bad Boys with Sean Penn. Sean and a buddy try to rip off a drug dealer. It goes wrong and Sean runs over the drug dealers younger brother. They end up in a youth prison and it just gets bad from there.

Second, The Man Who would be King. Sean Connery and Michael Cain. Damned good movie based on Kiplings story.


Beresina, or the Last Days of Switzerland. Saw it two years ago at the DC Filmfest, have never seen any mention of it since, nor have I been able to find it on DVD.

** Time After Time **. Best movie about time travel ever made.

No one I know has seen Zero Effect.

Hmm, I have two, Withnail and I and The Events Leading Up To My Death

I have! I have! what do I win?

(not that I think it has much to recommend it…but then again I don’t like ben stiller much, but then again again at least he’s not such an awkward loser in this movie [meet the parents made my flesh crawl])

The one that springs to mind for me right now is Nate and Hayes, a great and cheesy pirate adventure-ish film with Tommy Lee Jones and a cast of relative unknowns. I’ve seen it about 4 times on pay-tv when I was a teen and loved it to death despite not being a huge fan of the genre. I have yet to meet ANYONE who has heard of the silly thing…

'Round Midnight and The Conversation, my number 1 and 2 favorite movies of all time.

To date, practically everyone I have mentioned these two films to has said, “What, now?”

Nobody’s Fool(1994)

Paul Newman at his best. Great cast w/Jessica Tandy (her last movie), Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith,and Pruitt Taylor Vince.

Paul Newman was nominated for Best Actor Oscar,but no one saw the movie. I highly recommend it. WARNING: There are no car chases or explosions. It’s just a nuanced, character-driven slice-of-life drama.

Just wanted to let you all know that I have seen none of the movies which you’ve mentioned (as far as I recall). The exception is Barcelona, which I loved.

I’ve seen many of these films so I’ll add two underseen films that IMHO are great films.
A Perfect World



I’ve seen both :slight_smile:

I really liked The Conversation , but there was too much mumbling for me in 'Round Midnight

I also saw the latter at 12:30 am showing. zzzz

However The Conversation is the best non-Godfather film Coppolla ever directed.