Great Love Scenes in Film

I’m sure this has done before, but I can’t find any recent threads, so if this has been done to death, a thousand apologies.


I just got done watching The Last Samurai and I have to say that the “dressing for battle” scene was just one of the most amazing love scenes I’ve seen. It was done so beautifully, so … somethingly, that I realized at the end of the scene that I’d been holding my breath the entire time.

Did this scene affect anyone else the same way? Talk about non-traditional! I think this may have hit #1 on my “All time greatest love scenes” list.

So what’s yours?

I imagine there are various definitions of ‘love scene’- and whether it is literal or metaphorical. But Casablanca with Rick and Ilsa always did it for me.

I agree it depends on definitions… personally, I thought the end of Lost in Translation was a masterpiece (the whispering bit). The whole film geared towards it and it was kinda unusual to see.
Couple of bits in the English patient too, such as pointing at the dip in her throat and wondering whats its called, because its his. (supra sternal notch btw :wink: )
Just my pennies worth

This thread calls to mind a review I once read of The Mambo Kings. It said something along the lines of “the movie has a great score…and the music’s not bad, either.”


When I saw the thread title I immediately thought…The Last Samurai. :slight_smile: The dressing for battle scene had no nudity or sex in it, yet it was undeniably erotic.

I am reminded of the final scene in Cinema Paradiso, where the grown up Toto (now a famous movie director) looks at a film strip his old friend the projectionist had put together. The strip contained all the clips from movies that the censors had cut out over the years. Every great kiss and embrace of the twenth century, distilled down to 120 seconds. Sublime.

I always thought the love scene between Elizabeth Pena and Chris Cooper in “Lone Star” was great.

Their love was denied for 30 years. The love making was passionate, appropriate, but somewhat steamy at the same time.

That was some pretty hot rough stuff in “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, too. The one with Nicholson and Lange.

Dissenting voice here. The scene from Last Samurai had me absolutely dissolving in giggles. My boyfriend asked me what was so damn funny, so I told him, “He would SO have a boner right now! He hasn’t been with a woman in how long?” This is supposed to be 1876, and she is dressing him very sensually, that would be unheard of intimate contact that an American male at the time would be uncomfortable with and probably aroused by. Then I started picturing how the scene would look with her winding that sheet around him with a huge boner poking out, and I just cracked up.
But otherwise it was very romantic. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a scene in “The Age of Innocence” that is one of my favorites, where Newland is in the carriage with Ellen, and it’s one of the few times they’ve been alone, and he unbuttons her glove and kisses her wrist.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, where the protagonist babe and the thief guy are getting it on. When he reaches into her pants and she gasps…

Hottest. Scene. Ever. :o

Michael. There’s this scene where Michael (John Travolta) and Dorothy (Andie McDowell) are, I think, climbing some stairs together, and they can’t keep their hands off each other. They have to keep stopping to kiss. It’s playful and sweet and though they’re fully clothed, I think it’s the only time I’ve actually been aroused watching a movie.

A close second is Encinitas’s nomination of Cinema Paradiso’s finale. Perhaps one of the greatest movie scenes ever. ::hums the theme::

There’s this scene in Deliverance between Ned Beatty and a hillbilly. . .

Steamy. Sensual. Touching. Tender.

In Ghostbusters, when Rick Moranis shows up at Sigourney Weaver’s apartment, and they end up on the roof… my wife laughed for a week. “The geek got the girl!”

Certainly memorable.

“So? She’s a dog.”

Oh. Not that kind of memorable. Sorry.

Pump up the Volume. The scene towards the end where Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis are outside in the dark, and he’s got too much pent-up emotion to express, so he takes his shirt off, and then she takes off her sweater… and Slater’s just completely flabbergasted…

When Blaine kisses Andie in the middle of the street in the rain in Pretty in Pink. I wanted to live that moment with them. So romantic.

But, best the best sex scenes are in When Darkness Falls…whoo that is one sexy movie.

Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin in The Big Easy . Anytime they were together, their chemistry practically melted the screen.

Um, maybe I’m not using Netflix or Google right, but I can’t find that movie. Is it not easily available?

I find two movies called Darkness Falls


For me it is the scene I Quest for Fire where Naoh is mounting Ika from behind, but then she sort of spins around and then teaches him the missionary position. I know that that may sound a little odd, but that scene seemed touching to me because until that point in the movie, sex was rather primitive and animal like and it seemed that at that pivotal moment, Naoh was learning about love an pair bonding.

Hot for me is the subway scene in Risky Business. God the suspense is just palpible, and it was so contagious that I and the OMD fiance just wanted to pause the movie for an hour.

Not a sex scene, but Buster Bloodvessel’s dream sequence in the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour is the best love scene ever committed to celluloid. I love the way it’s a tender, touching scene taking place between characters that aren’t meant to be attractive to the audience: the scrawny, creepy, rather nutty old guy, and Ringo’s cantankerous and obese aunt. For me, it truly gets to the point of love: that even if the two lovers are repulsive to the rest of the world, they’re beautiful to each other. And the other great thing about it is that it’s the point in the movie where Bloodvessel finally comes out of his shell, but the steady increase in the number of passers-by in his fantasy seems to indicate a kind of paranoia that builds up and ultimately defeats him. He finally awakes from the fantasy and succumbs again to his own hubris and uptightness by assuming the role of bus courier and exhorting the passengers to “enjoy yourselves… within the limits of British decency.” All of which leads perfectly into the sequence for “I Am the Walrus,” Lennon’s ode to antisocial megalomania.

Some people think MMT was a pathetic excuse for a movie and a waste of film. They are idiots.

Yeah, anything with Zhang Ziyi is hot. Her love scene in Hero was good too – not explicit or anything, but DAMN! does she have a sexy voice.

Robert Forster and France Nuyen in South Pacific really raised the bar, IMO.

Jane March and Tony Leung in The Lover really sizzled.

And after Johnny Depp’s acrobatics, I kinda liked Marlon Brando and Faye Dunaway in Don Juan DeMarco.