Great Love Scenes in Film

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Enemy at the Gates: the barracks scene.

The sex scene in Don’t Look Now which is shot so you keep losing track of whose body part you are looking at is the most erotic scene I have seen.

All the scenes in Shane between Shane and Marian Starrett where they hardly look at one another are artfully done. I saw this as a teenager and can remember being pleased with myself for being able to pick up the fact that they had the hots for each other. But you have to see it to appreciate how it is done.

Even though the movie was a spoof, the on-stage kiss in A Mighty Wind was possibly the sweetest film kiss I’ve ever seen.

In that spirit, the scene in LA story where they are on a date and revert to children wearing adult clothing. As they walk, the grass grows through the sidewalk and these statues of lions watch them pass and bow. Gets me all misty, it does