Great News! BT Broadband price cut to £24.99 from 1st July 2004.....

Great News! BT Broadband price cut to £24.99 from 1st July 2004.

That was the opening line of the letter I received. There is a catch though. They’ve put a 15GB/month cap. Before that, I had unlimited downloads. Oh great! :rolleyes: I haven’t seen the new pricing scheme, but I expect that they charge dearly if you exceed the download limit. Fucking assholes :wally

What the hell are you going to be downloading that will use more than 15gb a month?

Yay. We pay through the nose for 20 gigs of cable here. Australian broadband effing sucks.

I am not downloading much, but the letter says that I am near the 15GB limit. Maybe they say that to all their customers :rolleyes:

NTL is worse. :smiley:

Wow! 45 USD/month for the privilege of a download cap! What a deal! :rolleyes:

There are reasons for having a download cap that large. Downloading CD images, for example, will tend to fill up one’s cap fairly quickly. It makes me glad for my school’s T1 line, who only caps uploads.

Anyway, look at it this way – you’re probably better off than most of the US as far as broadband is concerned…

I made a trip home to Sydney last November, for the first time in just over three years, and i was amazed at the price of broadband internet access.

A friend of mine had a DSL package that allowed her just 3Gb a month, and she was paying more than i pay for my unlimited DSL account here in the States. I guess that economies of scale work against Australian providers, especially in remote and rural areas, but you’d think that a big city like Sydney would have decent rates.

I could easily do 15 gigs in a week, if I had the hard drive space. I pay $50 a month for Comcast cable internet with no limits. It’s way worth it.

Yeh, Telstra’s “Broadband at Dialup Prices” deal is $29.95 for 200MB, on a 256/64 k line! Yeh, what a great deal :rolleyes:

I had SBC Yahoo DSL, and paid $29. a month, no cap. That was for 750k or whatever it is downstream speed.

I now have Comcast cable and pay 30 something a month, for a 2.5 downstream, and no cap.

Am I honestly just lucky?

BT pulled the same stunt a couple of years ago with their dialup service, adding a limit of 150 hours. But the only told us by an email to a non-existant address :dubious: , and then tried to hit us for the extra usage.

Remember you will pay an extra quid to the monthly charge if you are not paying by direct-debit.
£2 per additional GB might be the sort of price you are looking at but no limits will be enforced till early 2005.
If you regrade to the 1Mb the limit will be 30Mb for £29.99 pm (direct debit)

Even better is that on Telstra’s 200meg and 500meg capped plans you’re paying 150 dollars a gig if you go over the limit. I never though I’d be happy that we “merely” get capped on Optus.

Why don’t you change providers? I’m with Pipex and pay about £18 per month for unlimited access.
BT and AOL just charge more becase they’re household brands, not because they’re any good.

I’ll certainly be leaving BT once my 12-month tie-in is up. And fortunately, they’re not attempting to impose the download cap before then. The trouble is, many of the better-value companies keep their costs down by not offering services in out-of-the-way places like I’m in. (We only got broadband at all about a year ago)

I can’t change providers because I’m staying in that house for only 1 year. I am going to Greece after that.

And last time I checked there was no 1Mbps service in my area.