Great paper projects for Halloween

Here’s I site that has a lot of neat paper projects to print and assemble for Halloween.

Halloween projects

A few items:

  1. Haunted houses
  2. Monsters
  3. Coffin boxes you can put treats in.
  4. Board games
  5. Masks
  6. Cards
  7. Cemeteries

You will likely find a few things you want to make for decorations on this site. Responses of what you think of the stuff is welcome.

Thanks. Now I sorely wish to build a mechanical bat. I would put off all sorts of homework to do so if I had some heavy cardstock for my printer, but I don’t.

Awesome stuff, though. I love paper engineering and Halloween kitsch, and I especially love that people put put so much work into this stuff for free.

I’m glad to hear somebody likes it. I happen to have ten year old card stock I plan on using. I bought it for fifty cents a pack clearanced. I hope you get to make the bat.

I laughed. I cried. I squealed with joy and clapped my hands. Then, I bookmarked the page.

I especially love the bat (I am very fond of bats and have a nice collection hanging from my ceiling). Note- you refer to the bat as a “red-eyed rodent”. This is a popular misconception as bats are not members of the order rodentia but the order chiroptera.

Where can I get some cardstock?

To fully rate the page, I’ll have to print and build everything. But right now, you score a ten on originality, detail, and overall coolness.

Staples or the like will carry card stock with all the other printer papers.

Thanks for the feed back.

I didn’t make the site. It’s a super neat one I found and had to share. I wasn’t sure if you thought I made it, so I’m posting this. I wanted to know if people liked links to this sort of thing.:slight_smile: I also wanted a thread where they could post other neat projects like this.

I made a coffin last year! Great site–I can’t remember where I found the coffin pattern last year–maybe at a Hewlett-Packard site? But it didn’t have as many fun projects as your link does.

I will be making these when it gets quiet at work (it better get quiet at work!) next week! Thanks for the link.

Also, better printer at work… muahhahahahahaha.

Wow! What a supercool site! Thanks so much for linking to this, Harmonious! I had been wracking my brain trying to think of something cool to bring as a host/ess gift for a Halloween party I’m going to…Problem solved! Splatterbot it is! Or maybe it should be the Battle Hearse…hmmm…Either way, my friend will flip! I just love that people do this kind of stuff for free.:cool:

This is getting a refresh for Halloween. You still have time to make these cool projects people.

I made the bat and one of the medieval masks. Mr. Athena loves 'em. That’s a great site!

Cool stuff! Thanks!

Oh and (insert sarcasm here) thanks for reminding me that I have tons of high quality paper and a kirigami (paper cutting, making pop-ups) book in my possession so that I can put my yarn mess aside and drag all that stuff out of the closet. Ack! The hobbies must stop!

I DID make the robot and it was slightly easier than getting my Ph.D., but it was very well received. I cut out a bunch of the little pocket denizens and scattered them in amusing locations around my office. I would make them all if I had time…Thanks again for sharing the site, Harmonious!

I just finished with a casket and the Ghoul that has the eyes that track you when you move.

I made one of the toepincher coffins from that site last year. I’ve also made a couple of paper skulls.

Today’s Halloween so you can still make some of these projects.

Do your inkjet printers print on heavy cardstock with no problem? I’m tempted to give some of this a try, but haven’t run cardstock through mine.

They print fine. Remember to adjust the paper thickness lever if you need too. I didn’t need to.

I print on heavy stock all the time, no problem. And cardstock is PLENTY heavy for these - I reinforced a few of the pieces on cardboard before cutting them out in an attempt to make them “stronger” and it made them difficult to work with.

Erm, why did the site go down after I printed the bat but before I printed the instructions?

It’s working for me right now.