Great Secret of Freemasonry Thread (Again)

Yeah, I’m wondering if maybe the Mods wanted to make sure that renegades like myself understood. Piggy-backing on Paul’s post didn’t get me a smackdown, but maybe it should have. After reading TubaDiva’s post, I’ll be sure to not do that in the future.
I wonder if a general discussion in MPSIMS about the various types of Masonic organizations, without phone numbers, would be ok? (I’m not going to start it, tho)

While it’s an interesting idea, I think that a thread devoted to charitable causes will lose impact. There’s more attention and more interest generated by the single thread devoted to the specific cause, I think.

I also think we’d run significant risk of having people putting political causes in there, or causes of dubious worthwhileness. But an interesting idea, nonetheless.

Paul: Go ahead and start your thread. I know you don’t want to do it here. In fact, I’ll close this one here and you go on ahead and put your well-intentioned thread about the Shriners Hospitals for Children where you think it will get the most attention and make the most impact.

I’ll also be sending you email saying the same thing. Sorry for all the confusion but I think we’re all singing off the same page now.