Great T shirts

Well, much to the chagrin of my girlfriend, I like obscure and weird T shirts.

A couple of my faves:

My Old “Beaver Sunblock” tshirt: A actual sunblock from Hawaii, it gained noteriety by having shirts with a girl holding up a tube of it and saying “Hey guys, let me rub some of my beaver on your face.” It actually got me a stern warning in high school

My Charlie Brown shirt: Not a pic of Charlie, but a yellow shirt with the black zig zag at the belly. Everytime I wear it, someone points at it and goes “cool shirt!”

Spanky shirt “Stud”:

and my Etch a Sketch Tech Support shirt:
Wearing this one at any computer convention gets some big laughs. Most tech support ppl would agree

Sheesh…hit button…

What I am asking…Do you guys have any favorite tshirts?

I have a Cyndi Lauper shirt, and one with Scream on it.
T-Shirt question-where can I buy one of those old-school David Bowie album cover shirts that famous people always wear (Christina Ricci had one when she hosted SNL about a year ago)?

The best T-shirt I ever saw:

Written on the back of the shirt –
“I’m with the bomb squad. If you see me running, try to keep up.”

fred’s fav from a recent Green Day concert:

Been There
Fuck That

My friend has one that gets two reactions:
“I love that shirt, it’s hilarious!” or,
“I don’t get it.”

The shirt is black, and with white writing on the front says,
“One by one the penguins are stealing my sanity.”

I think it’s hilarious.

I don’t get it.

I have a bright yellow shirt that sports the Chicago Hotdog logo for Vienna beef. It has a big hotdog that goes across my breasts. It was the shirt that I was wearing when my husband and I met so I can’t get rid of it. Also my best friend has the match and we somehow always are wearing it unplanned when we see each other. Everyone hates though except for my husband.

“Friends don’t let friends drive Fords”

Not that I have anything against Fords… =)

  1. A crude drawing of Hello Kitty possessed (fangs bared, arms out, claws extended) with the word “Repent” underneath it.

  2. I drew a parody of a Peanuts cartoon for my college newspaper. They wouldn’t print it for copyright reasons, but I had a bunch of t-shirts made up and gave them to all my friends when I moved away from Seattle. In the cartoon, Lucy is yelling at Charlie Brown for getting her pregnant (“Oh, good grief.”), and Linus asks him why he didn’t wear a condom, and in the last panel he’s holding up a condom with a little jagged black stripe across it. I’ve gotta put that on the web one of these days.

I have a “Nice People Swallow” t-shirt with winking smilies for the letter “o”. I have an older one just like it except that one of my friends made the smilies have vampire fangs. :slight_smile:

Same friend’s Dad silk screens shirts and made for me a “Cthullu Tequila: Sometimes the worm gets you”. Love that one.

Then there’s the “I’m the woman your Mother warned you about” that a former SO gave to me.

Current SO has a shirt with a picture of a headless guy holding a sign that says “Will Work For Head.” :smiley:

My two favorites are:

Suck my dick (and I’m a girl, for those that don’t know)

I also have a cool see-through one that says PUSSY all over it.

I love my stupid tshirts.

A small witness protection program logo, then (in big letters) YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

I’ve got one that says:

Information Gladly Given, But Safety Requires
Avoiding Unnecessary Conversation

It’s the sign posted above the drivers’ heads in San Francisco buses, and I’ve always thought it was hilarious. It’s funnier if you know me, since I’m what you might call talkative (a friend was going to give me one that says, “I’m talking and I can’t shut up!”).

Nobody ever got sick from smoking tires.

Im kind of a hot rodder, I thought it was great.

Along the same lines, Nobody never cought nothing from laying a patch. (of rubber if ya didnt know.
my personal favorite is one I had made a while back, inspired by this board in fact,

        "God hates fundies"

My favorites:

“Hukt on fonix wurkt fer me”


“Eat Salmon. The OTHER Pink Meat!”

A shirt for all the “geeks” out there that reads: “When I’m making 200 million a year, there will still be a place for you in my heart. And inside my heart you’re mowing my lawn.”

  • Tsugumo

I like the one seen on the back of a biker, in big letters it says ‘If you can read this, the bitch fell off’.

I am too skint to buy any funny t-shirts so I usually write something on the myself… next time I have some scribbling on t-shirts action I will most certainly write:

  • Breakfast not included
  • Eurotrash
  • a handprint where my butt should be

oh and I made this:
with “My contribution to internet-porn” and the URL of my webpage on it.

slightly off topic…
I was on a rave till 5 hours ago (1 PM now) and in the entrance they d hand out condoms… guess what was written on them?
“You better be inside”

A friend has a “Property of Alcatraz - Psycho Ward” shirt…

and I actually have two tomtom! shirts…

“keep away from me - I have enough problems”
“It is hard to be loved by everybody”