What's your favorite T shirt say? Or what's the picture on it?

And before those few nerds come in and say, “A T shirt can’t say anything. It’s an inanimate object.” Well, yes, I know that. But there’s no other way to ask this question without sounding like a, well…nerd. But if you’ve got one, feel free to jump right in.

I have a few. One of my favorites I got at the thrift store. It’s black (well,charcoal gray. It’s been “loved.”) There’s a pink and white and blue picture of Betty Boop on it. And above the picture it says, “Why yes…I DO think I’m funny…”

What does your pronouncement maketh of, to wit scroll? (Trying to sound high-brow here.) Drumroll…

Slow, steady and heavily armed. I tend to get lots of compliments on this one.

I always envied Homer Simpson for his “No Fat Chicks” t shirt.

I couldn’t pull it off though. Plus, I’m trying to not be a massive douchebag.

My favourite t shirt at the moment is dark red, with a picture of a turntable (y’know, for LPs) on it. I got it in Berlin.

I don’t wear T-shirts much any more, but my favorite is probably the one with Einstein’s face as galaxy in glow-in-the-dark, against a black background. After that, it’s the one with the Pioneer plaque, captioned “Attack here”.

Breaux Bridge Louisiana Accordion Festival 1994.

Yes, I really got it while attending this awesome festival, while eating fried alligator and dancing to zydeco.

I used to have a t-shirt that had the slogan “Nuke gay baby whales for Jesus”. Can’t do that anymore - too old.

Right now my favorite says “Entropy - it’s not what it used to be”.

I bought one when I hiked part of the Grand Canyon. It’s got a picture of hiking boots, and the statement: “Not all who wander are lost.”

I also got one in Vienna that’s a yellow diamond shape with the silhouette of a kangaroo (like a traffic sign), saying: “No Kangaroos in Austria.” Apparently, some people book flights to Austria, thinking it’s an abbreviation for Australia.

My “I’ve just developed a theory that proves Im not a nerd” shirt.


It’s this one right now. I can relate to it and it makes me laugh at the same time.

Currently, it’s between my Guernica shirt and my Time Traveller’s Essentials shirt.

But as I type this, I’m actually wearing dwyr’s favourite, by pure coincidence.

I don’t wear T-Shirts much myself, but saw one on someone else a while back that I wouldn’t mind having. It read: Heavily medicated for your benefit. I like it.


If at all possible, I choose shirts with no wording, ideally without even a brand logo if I can.

I have one that I had made. It drives me crazy the way some people go around with a cell phone glued to their ear, talking so loudly you can hardly hear yourself think. On the front it says…“If I wanted to hear somebody else’s conversation…” and on the back it says, “…I’d listen to my husband.” And underneath is a picture of a cellphone with a slash across it. I’m trying to get up the nerve to wear it to Walmart.

I bought some today and it took a while to find ones that conformed to these rules.

I own one item of clothing that has anything printed on it. It says “Australia” and it is my Australia Day T shirt. I have worn it 3 times.

I know Vlad III was a sadistic tyrant whose exploits shouldn’t be glorified, but I really hate Twilight.

Also, from of all sources Hot Topic, I have a T-shirt bearing the message “And then Buffy staked Edward, the End.”

Same here. My shirts don’t have words or pictures on them either.

This one:


I once had the pleasure of wearing it while riding the subway next to a guy reading a book on Magritte. I pointed at it without saying anything and he broke up laughing.

One of them was 6 or 7 Jerry Bears and Terrapins sort of dancing off into the sunset and the other said Pink Floyd over a UK Flag.
Both were giving to me by my girlfriend at the time, both were thrown away by same person (after we were married) when I had worn them to the point that they were full of holes.

I’d link to them, but lets see you try to find a single Pink Floyd or Grateful Dead t-shirt amongst the millions of them.

Well, since you asked, if you’re worried about the title, you could go with “What’s printed on your…”. However, I wouldn’t be one who’d object.

I have no terribly nerdy T-shirts, unfortunately, and would usually be too self-conscious to wear them, but I am fond of the one with the names of my alma mater and my major.