Greatest Degree of Great-ness Ever Recorded.

I think having a living great grandparent is commonplace now. I know my cousin’s son, and his great grandfather, had lives which briefly coincided. He was just a baby. But my grandfather might have held him (in the old age home, presumably).

It is sometimes weird to think of the possibilities. Prince William has a couple of children now. The queen of England is their great grandmother. But if the queen mother lived, she would have been their great-great grandmother. And she had a long life, so it could have happened.

Mathematically, it gets even weirder. Both boys and girls can become fertile at age 9. If we keep adding nines together (i.e., 9+9+9+9+9…), we can get many degrees of “great”-ness indeed.

My question is simple: What is the highest degree of “great”, with a living relative, ever recorded? I know there has to be an upward limit. What is it?

Thank you in advance for all who reply:)

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Seven generations.. Four ‘greats’.

BTW, my great-grandmother lived to see the birth of a great-great-great-granddaughter, making six.