How many generations.

Who do you know who has living members from the greatest numbers of generations in their family.

If my husband’s grandmother hangs on for a few more years–and she well might, her mother lived to be 104–she could be a great great grandmother. (Her oldest great grandson is engaged.)

We have four generations in my family, with the oldest great-grandaughters being of marriageable and childbearing age. My grandmother the matriarch is almost 96, is she holds out just a little onger she could be a great-great-grandmother too.

My mom is 74, dad is 78. Their oldest great great granddaughter is 15 yrs old.

My in-laws have five generations. My husband’s great-grandmother is still alive, and his sister’s son was born a year and a half ago.

I saw a picture in Life (IIRC) of seven or eight generations of women/girls (the youngest was newborn) from this one family. Each woman had had her first child (female) somewhere around the age of 15 or 16. It was not something I thought they should be proud of.

Not a record, but all four of my grandparents lived long enugh to see their great-granchildren born.

Well we have 4 Generations in my family the oldest person being Great Grandma who is 91 y/o and the youngest being my cousin Megan who is 9 I think…

Mom’s grandmother was 91 or so when I was born.

When my 2nd cousin gets married/has kids her grammmy’ll be a great-grammy at probably arould the age of 70, if not earlier.

Up until when she died a couple of years ago, my grandmother’s grandfather’s sister made 6 generations total, although her children’s generation had been gone for 20 years. She died at 102 and was still completely intact mentally until the last week.

My great-grandmother died at 98 in 1969, and at that time, one of her descendants had just given birth to her (only) great-great-great-grand-child. Six generations living at one time.

Do multiple “steps” count?

My step-great-grandmother just turned 100, and my step-cousin (on the same side of the family) just had her second baby – so now Great-Grandmom has two step-great-great-step-grandchildren. Or something. Anyway, I think that ought to count as five generations.