Five generation families?

I just got a copy of a recently taken family picture.

It shows my grandmother, my aunt(mom’s sister), my cousin(aunt’s son), cousin’s two daughters, and the girls new babies, a boy and a girl. The sisters had their kids two days apart.

So that’s five generations in one photo. The little babies were the great-great-grandchildren of my grandmother, the oldest person in the picture.

Anybody else have this in their family? Grandma is 106, the babies are two months old.

My great-grandmother still lives alone at 95, next door to my grandparents. I’ve got three kids, so she’s a great-great-grandmother now. My oldest is 8 and my youngest is 1&1/2.

Not recently, but I have a picture somewhere that contains: my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my aunt, my cousin (her daughter), and my cousin’s oldest daughter. My great-grandma was about 83 when she became a great-great-grandmother; the baby in question was being baptized and was probably a couple months old.

My wife’s grandmother, at 85, is a great-great grandmother by one of my wife’s aunts.

My ex-husband had a picture of his great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and cousin’s daughter. Great-grandma was 90-something at the time, cousin’s kid was 2. I think his great-grandma made it to 98.

Great Grandma is turning 102 this year (I haven’t heard anything that would tell me she won’t make it to September except being frail in general and forgetful). My son is her only Great Great Grandchild, and we got pictures of that when she turned 100. We don’t see her often (live in a different city) but I try and see her now and again.

My Nana (who recently died) had AT LEAST 5 great-grandchildren. (my Dad was the baby, so I know my aunts and uncles are grandparents, just unsure how many they all have)

we have one. 95 to born in april, i believe. i’m not sure about a picture as 95 is on the east coast and just born is in the midwest.

Six generations in one sitting! My great-grandmother and five lineal generations!
On the other side of the family, my grandmother was the head of a five-generation family, but it was not completely lineal. Her daughter, who would have been the great-grandmother of the five, had already died, although several other members of that generation were still living. I do have a picture of that grandmother with her great-great-granddaughter, but not any other generations.

Wow! SIX generations, that’s amazing. How old is that great-grandmother?

I did once see a picture of a six generation lineage, with all six present. It was a direct line of female descent, with the 103 year old g-g-g-grandmother being 103, and the youngest girl being ten months. A mother, her daughter, her daughter, and so on.

My great-grandmother was 97 in that photo. Her g-g-g-granddaughter was three weeks old. This photo appeared in the local paper for Mother’s Day some years ago. The DOBs are 1871, 1891, 1914, @1931, @1949, 1969. The three younger generations are still living.

Until TheKid was 7, there were 5 living generations on her dad’s side. Her great-great grandmother died at age 102. Sadly, we only have 4 generation pics. as the g-g-grandmother disliked her daughter (g-grandmother). She was not the only person who disliked her daughter.

My 84 yo mother is a g-g-grandmother (3x). She was 16 when she had her 1st kid. But since her g-g-grandkids all live back east and mom isn’t able, doesn’t want to, travel over there, there isn’t any pictures. But now it would only be 4 generations since my sister has since passed on.

How about on the male side?

I love this picture! Those glasses!

Baker, I think of your Grandma quite often and wish her good health and stuff.

I’d love to see this picture!

Baker and Earl that is just so cool! Heh. Baker I still say your grandmother’s name outloud every Sunday during “Prayers of The People.”

swampie, maybe that’s what keeps her going! She’s going to be in a documentary film that will be shown at the national meeting of her church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. It’s called “The Christian Family” and also has some interview time from my mom and her two sisters. Grandma is arguably the oldest person in her denomination, and what made it especially interesting for the film is that she wasn’t raised in a church. She wasn’t actually baptized or confirmed until after she’s married my grandfather. Became a pillar of the congregation though.

No - people in my extended family live more than long enough, but they don’t reproduce often. And in my ‘generation’ (my oldest cousin is 43, youngest is 14, due to my grandparent’s children having a 14-year spread), no one has had a baby before age 28. Some people need to be having babies in their late teens/early 20s for this to happen.

My grandfather is 98 (I think) and has two great-grandchildren, but they are still babies. His oldest grandchildren are 43 and 36, but neither of them ever had kids.

Sure, we have five generations. My maternal grandmother (sitting), my grandson (being held), me (standing on left), my mom (standing middle), my daughter/grandson’s mom (standing right). This is an old pic when the boy was new. He’ll be 7 in September and all the generations are still here. I need a new pic!