Greatest Father/Son combos in movies and TV

My nominations:

Professor Henry Jones and Henry Jones, Jr. - “we named the dog ‘Indiana’!”

Captain Benjamin Sisko and Jake Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Jake grew until he towered over his dad and Benjamin would still kiss him on the forehead.

The three generations in Monster’s Ball.

Ok, they weren’t great in a good way, but certainly memorable.

Walter and John Huston.

Derek and Larry Zoolander - sure they didn’t spend a lot of time on screen together but boy were there scenes together memorable.

This makes me mention Frank and George Costanza.

Don Vito, Michael, Sonny and Fredo Corleone

Big Enos & Little Enos Burdette (Smokey & the Bandit)

Dr. & Scott Evil

The fertile old men of Tom Hanks’s family in You’ve Got Mail (60 something dad has a 4 year old son and 80 something grandpa has a 7 year old daughter while the three together plot the destruction of a charming bookstore whose owner Tom Hanks woos and wins after a period stalking her and playing mindgames that would have made it a horror movie if he didnt’ look like Tom Hanks oh I’m sorry I believe I’ve hijacked…

The Cartwrights of course, but especially Ben & Hoss

Maurice Minnefield & his son Duk Won on Northern Exposure. I loved Maurice’s line upon meething the 40 year old son (and teenaged grandson) he didn’t know existed audio file

The Cartwrights of Bonanza
The Rifleman
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Tarzan and Boy in dozens of things
Sanford and Son
My Three Sons
Leave It To Beaver
Ozzie and Harriet
Father Knows Best

Steptoe & Son

Frasier & Martin

James Garner & Mel Gibson in Maverick.

Ellery Queen and his father Richard Queen

One of my favorite movie pairings as father and son: Nick Nolte (as Tommy Jefferson) and James Earl Jones (as his son with Sally Hemings) in Jefferson in Paris. It’s rare that a black actor plays the son of a white actor 20 years his junior.

Abraham, who begat Homer Simpson and Herb Powell on The Simpsons, and a close second to Rabbi Hyman Krustofski (Jackie Mason) and his sons Krusty and Luke Perry (as Luke Perry).

Rabbi Krustofski only fathered Krusty, Luke and Krusty share the same mother.

(No, it was never said directly, but in the ep. that Luke Perry guests in, he asks Krusty to do it “for mom’s sake,” implying their mother is the same.)

Robert Wagner and Fred Astaire as son and father from TV’s* It Takes A Thief*.

There was Martin and Charlie Sheen in Wall Street.

James Garner - Mel Gibson - Maverick

And Hot Shots! Part Deux (briefly).

How could I forget -

Anakin and Luke Skywalker

"Luke - *I*  am your father!"
"No! It can't be! That's impossible!"

"Join me, Luke, and we will rule the Galaxy together, as father and son!"

Makes me wonder - what if Luke had taken him up on it?

Bill Bixby and the kid in “Courtship of Eddies Father”

“People let me tell you 'bout my best friend…”

Also great involving James Garner: him and Noah Beery Jr. on The Rockford Files. (Much less great: Garner as Peg Bundy’s father on 8 Simple Rules for Dating the Dead Guy’s Daughters, and whoever came up with the idea of David Spade playing the great Garner’s grandson on the same show was, I seriously hoped, pulled screaming from their moving car, hauled to the Hollywood sign behind an out of control El Camino, stripped naked, tied to the letter H and flogged with a branch from a plane tree- save for human sacrifice or providing a prisoner to al-Quaeda as part of a treaty I cannot think of any circumstance where “How about David Spade for this?” is ever a good idea.)

I always liked Noah Berry, Jr. and James Garner as Joseph “Rocky” Rockford and Jim Rockford.

Angel and Connor (from Angel) had a deliciously screwed up relationship.