Greatest idea in years... [NFL may penalize racial slurs]

NFL proposes policy to curb/ban use of the N word.

One of the biggest double-standards in society is the use of this word. OK for some, just everyday slang amongst, racist vitriol to others.

End this double standard NFL…kudos

Washington Redskins.

Personally I’m not seeing not being able to freely use the word “nigger” in public as really that huge of a burden on the white man.

Stick around. In a previous thread someone said such policies were “the worst atrocity in history” or some such, until some people pointed out there were others where people were killed in the millions or were enslaved for generations.

It’s justifiable to refer to a black man as such when you’re blinded by pure anger and an overwhelming desire to kill him. Otherwise, just keep it in your vocabulary.

That’s the steroids talking, the_diego. You’ll feel better almost as soon as you stop taking them. :wink:

Anyway, what is the N word the OP is talking about? “National?” Will they go back to calling half of them the American Football League? Because last time it was a classic example of Jim Crow “separate but equal” crap because the AFL stunk on ice. And it still leaves the other half as the National Football League, which doesn’t solve the problem.

But if AFL is for the Arena Football League, it’s OK because arena football is awesome.

Right, the OP sounds upset that it’s socially unacceptable for him to use a racial slur in public, but is satisfied that at least others can’t use it now on TV.

That’s the greatest idea he’s heard in years?

There’s something farcical about the idea of the NFL having a long series of urgent, high-level meetings about the damaging PR they’ve been getting recently, and deciding that the solution is to ban a racial slur. Rearranging the deck chairs, indeed.

Enough concussions and the player’s vocabulary will be beyond their control, though?!

From my college football days (admittedly further in the past than I’d care to admit) most of the n-word use was black on black. The few times that I heard a white guy use it, our fellow back team mates would react negatively to it.

So I’m less offended by that usage. Put another way, if one black millionaire calls another black millionaire the n-word, and all the other black millionaires within ear shot don’t care - I don’t.

While it is a double-standard, I’d like to emphasize that it’s of zero importance. And in fact the NFL will not be cracking down on the double standard. Do you think they’re going to throw a lot of penalty flags against guys who use the word in a friendly context? I don’t. I think if it gets thrown at all, it’ll be when players are arguing and being pejorative - which only drives home the fact that the word has different meanings in different contexts.

And chacoguy wins the thread with two words in the first reply. We can all go home for drinks.

It’s not. I think one of the reasons it gets talked about so much is that it’s one of the few things a white person in our society just can’t do. This makes it absolutely intolerable to a certain type of white person (I think it’s almost always guys, but I haven’t done a survey). This is pretty much the perfect example of what people are talking about when they talk about privilege.

I feel like they’re doing this now as precedent for dealing with homophobic slurs in the near future.

The rule hasn’t been written up yet, and I think it’ll probably include more than just one word.

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time.

Have you ever said “hey, man how’s it going?”

The origin of the use of the word “man” as a form of address arose in the black community where black men had been called “boy” and free black men called each other “man”

I remember a time when black folks called each other brother and sister instead of ~igger and bitch. This seems like a horrible regression.

You don’t see puerto ricans running around calling each other spic to “reclaim” the word.

You don’t see Asians running around calling each other gook or chink or nip to take away the power of the word.

I have heard the argument that they are just trying to reclaim the word but the argument seems retarded. It seems more like black folks trying to keep each other down rather than raise them up.

When I was a young lad in Texas, studying for admission to the penitentiary, I used that word in front of my grandmother exactly once. When I discovered that a fly-swatter has a wider variety of applications than I had considered. “Colored” was acceptable, she eventually accepted “Negro”, but none of the many pejoratives were allowed.*

And there are many. “Coon”, “jigaboo”, the list goes on and on. Are those gong to be specifically mentioned and forbidden? I rather doubt it, there are too many. Which renders the exercise absurd. Change minds and hearts, and the speech patterns will change themselves.

*(It might deserve mention that her opinions derived from her religion, not her politics. God made them, Jesus loves them, and that settles it. I could probably get away with it now, since I’m not going to Heaven anyway, but I’d rather not risk it.)

Nonsense. Blacks certainly used it but it goes way back in English. See OED, man, IV, 16, b.

Can they still say nigga?

Sounds like the white man trying to re reclaim a word black people like to use

Sure you do.

I know nothing about football - who was complaining about this?


The goalies.