Greatest parting shot of all time?

I finally got around to watching Sergio Corbucci’s masterpiece, Django—coincidentally having ordered a copy a couple weeks before I saw Miike’s new tribute to Corbucci (and others), Sukiyaki Western Django at SIFF (with Cervaise*).

Just before the end credits roll, we’re treated to this shot, which I’m convinced is the awesomest final shot in the history of cinema. Thefinal scene of The Searchers came to mind, but while that’s one of the greatest final scenes, visually speaking it’s nowhere near as awesome as the *Django *parting shot.

Any others come to mind that I should’ve thought of before awarding the Lifetime Awesomeness Award to Corbucci?

*Oh like YOU could’ve resisted.

The final shot of City Lights.

This’ll get me killed - Terminator. Yeah, that one.

What was that about D & R?

Definitely one of the greatest final scenes in all of human history; right up there with The Searchers and Limbo. But visually? As a final shot? I’m still voting for Django.

The final shot from Brother From Another Planet. It’s a very clever visual joke.

I dare anyone to watch the final shot of Psycho and not feel a chill running down their spine.

Casablanca has a pretty great parting shot. Unfortunately, the video clip doesn’t show the part where Louie says “Round up the usual suspects!”.

The Third Man.

So that’s where that scene in Final Fantasy X comes from.

Been wanting to see this for a while.

Take a look at the emotions on Chaplin’s face.

From the thread title I was expecting something verbal.

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” is probably the best verbal parting shot in a movie.

Likewise. This thread is about final scenes, not parting shots.

Explain for us, please.

Since the OP does seem to be about final visual shots, not dialogue, I wanted to add Starman. The final shot is just Karen Allen’s face, with those huge blue eyes.

Withnail & I - Withnail, in a park, in the bucketing rain, with an umbrella, wearing a threadbare greatcoat, with wild red eyes, reciting Hamlet to the wolves in the zoo, clutching a bottle of red wine as he walks away, like it’s his only friend. Because it is.

Mahal, there’s a scene in Final Fantasy X of a graveyard of swords. I think it’s based on Django, which (see, say, Burst Angel) is a somewhat known movie in Japan.

I’ve been wanting to see Django for a while. I never remember it when I’m actually hunting movies, though.

Specifically I meant the final photographic shot, not the last dramatic scene. The “parting” was meant to be cute, not confusing. Sorry.

Never been available in the US before July of last year, as far as I can tell. (This is of course an unintended challenge to someone with more inclination than I to prove me wrong by finding some obscure previous source. In any case, it’s almost certainly never been *readily *available, and the accompanying booklet says it was never released theatrically in the US, which I haven’t bothered to fact check of course.)

Yes, that’s a good one too.