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I was led to wonder how the Teeming Millions would respond to this…Who do you think is the greatest person of all time?..Living or dead…What person do you believe made the greatest contribution to our world…An inventor?..Say Thomas Edison?..Someone that explored our minds…Mr. Frued?(sp?)…Maybe an artist that touched our souls…Da Vinci?..I’m posting this in Friday, so give this one some though…I’m not only interested in hearing what is most important to everyone, I’m hopeing to learn about some people that I’m not familiar with…

Unc Cees.

Close runner up: Leonardo Da Vinci

I’d have to say Jesus Christ. Nobody has had more of an impact on society, and the length of time is astounding.

For a while there, I would have had to say The Beatles, though…

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OK, I was having this “Person of the Millennium” discussion with a friend, who was also appalled at all the idiotic “end of century” lists coming out.

I don’t know about “important,” but I’d vote for Da Vinci for Man of the Millennium. Artist, inventor, actual Renaissance Man.

Either him or Thomas Jefferson–say what you will about him, he brought ice cream to the U.S. and for that alone, he has my vote.

Definitely Leo - he was SO HOT in Titanic!!

Where are we going?
And why am I in this handbasket?

No doubt Jesus had a huge contribution… and a lot of it was positive. The man himself was a very postitive guy…BUT… Christianity has brought about SOO much war and death that I’m not sure the overall effect was for the better.

I think Leonardo Da Vinci is way up there… Gallileo (partially because he had a cool-ass name) and Einstein… Richard Feynman…Franklin Roosevelt… The Beatles… um… I’d say people like the Wright Bros, but they were doing something rather inevitable… it wasn’t so much their personal strength, yanno? Edison… much of the same, but probably a little less so… Oh hell, I dunno. I hear that Lou Huck Sr was a pretty cool inventor… he invented the blind rivet which is used in airplanes… their website at shows what else they make… Oh the mighty Huck Manufacturing founder! Oh Lou, what a man he was… Who knows where the world might be without his wisdom? And what a family he must have had! Why, I bet even know, his great-grandchildren are recognised as intellectual giants…probably right here on the internet! Perhaps designing wonderful websites, or posting to message boards such as this… or…whoa…where am I? Excuse me… I seem to have forgotten what I was saying…

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I was interpereting “great” as in large. Hitler made a great contribution to history in this respect. I think that using “great” as in positive is really too subjective. Well, so is doing it my way…

Six of one, half a dozen of… yadda, yadda…

Come on ya’ll…you’re picking easy ones…what about Paracelsus?..Considered to be the father of medicine…Or the murderer of Alchemy…depending on how you look at it. Or Alexander the Great?..How about Tesla?..Or Voltair?..Or perhaps Pythagorus?..

I’ll pick Johann Sebastian Bach.


Alexander Hamilton


Wait a minute–was Moses within the last 1000 years?

Didn’t say it had to be in the past 1000 years…But it does have to be a real person…No Hercules or anything…(hmmm)Although I wonder if you could argue that Xena has had an affect on the Woman’s movement in the 90’s :wink:

I think I probably have to go with Alexander Graham Bell.

  1. Patented the telephone.
  2. Spent much of his fortune teaching the deaf to speak.
  3. Helped found the National Geographic Society and served as president from 1898 to 1904.
  4. Developed the precursor to the x-ray machine.
  5. Invented the “photophone,” used for optical transmission of sound. This is the inspiration for the fiber-optic telecommunications we use today.
  6. Invented the “graphophone,” one of the first practical approaches to sound recording.
  7. Worked with the Aerial Experiment Association on man-carrying kites, propellers and other early aviation ideas.
  8. Experimented with sonar detection, solar distillation, hydrofoil boats and tetrahedral structures.

The man did all this and has been identified as being dyslexic. Pretty impressive.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

Yeah, Unk, but didn’t he rob graves to get human earbones for his devilish telephonic experiments?

Ali was the Greatest.


Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Mohammed. He’s two for one, having been a major religious and political figure.

I would say Willie Mays, Martin Luther King, George Washington Carver. All of them triumphed over close minded individuals with skills, pride and a knowledge that they faced danger everyday and now live as legends. I consider them heroes.
BTW, I happen to be white. Just because they were black does not mean that I have less respect for them.

Well gee, that’s mighty big of you.

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Whomever invented the tampon gets my vote at the person of the milenneum. Either that, or Mr. Hershey, for making chocolate accessable and affordable to the peasants.