Grecian Formula

OK, what’s the scoop on Grecian Formula? It’s a clear liquid, right? How does it color your hair? (or remove grey?) If it realy works It seems like it would be a pretty good idea. I mean, dye can look so fake, plus you have to tend to the roots, whereas with something like Grecian Formula it seems like it would look more natural if it worked.

Also if their are any users of Grecian out there, I’d like to hear from you both good and bad.


Get the lead out:

Thanks, Q.E.D.,

While I’m at it, would anyone like to tackle the question of WHY you aren’t supposed to use Grecian for your facial hair?

It’s because of the aforementioned lead. Using it on facial hair carries the added risk of accidental oral ingestion, which is a bad thing where lead is concerned.

I haven’t seen any commercials for it in years. I thought it was no longer made.

Oh my. It sounds like the patina I use to turn lead solder black. I wouldn’t put that on my hair!

No, it’s still around. See their website here.