Men's hair products that "get rid of the gray"

Just saw one of many commercials for a product that promises to remove gray hair for men. How does this work? There’s also one made for beards and mustaches. Of course, the key to using these so that “No one will know” is to start right after seeing your first gray hair. Imagine Kenny Rogers walking out on stage with a full head (and face) of dark brown hair!!

AFAIK, it’s just standard hair dye.

I started greying at 23, and decided to dye my hair. I took one look at the “men’s products” and realized that they only were in two shades: brown and black. Wanting something a bit different, I sauntered over to the women’s section, and found a whole motherload of shades. I feel no shame buying and using them, too. I’ve tricked many people into thinking the shade I use is natural (it’s a reddish/cherry auburn), but occasionally a woman will ask me which shade I have and will go and get it for herself.

Right, it doesn’t “remove gray” it “adds black”, or brown, or auburn, or whatever.

Why the HELL would any man in his right mind want to get rid of gray? There is nothing sexier than a silver-haired fox.

Prematurely gray? Even better–hubba hubba!

alright… but what about “Grecian Formula”? I recall years ago that my dad had some and if I remember right it was a thin clear liquid. However, I dont think it worked. Anyone know the premise behind that?

Apparently this works differently from hair dye.

The beard-and-mustache stuff is plain old dye that comes in colors. (I used it a few years ago when I was playing Pharaoh in Aida.) I’ve always vaguely wondered about Grecian Formula, myself, but my upper hair hasn’t changed at all since I was a teenager, so I’ve never looked into it.

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Guy I know has been using this stuff for years and I’d have never known but his wife mentioned it once. I’m probably the only one who knows. His hair looks great, he’s over 65.

But for the slip of a gene you’d have never gone grey anyway. My uncles are 55 and 60 and have maybe twenty grey hairs between them. Their mother died at 82 and still had some brown hair mixed in with the grey/white.

Let those genes know who’s boss. Go G.F.

Flora - I’m in total agreement.

Example - SO has long hair - about as long as Satan’s, and it used to be black. Now it’s streaked with grey - he’s never looked sexier. In fact…I just might go home early and play with his, uh, ponytail…

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I remember reading somewhere that there is no such thing as a “gray” hair. Hair is either its natural color or it is white. The “gray” effect is just the combination of the white with your natural color. Is this true? I am blonde and my (alas, increasing more frequent) occasional “gray” hairs do look to be white under a microscope. (I have a lot a free time on my hands.)

In defense of men who colour their hair:

Well, at least for me, I was 23 at the time and didn’t want to have any. Nowadays (I’m 26), I probably wouldn’t mind it as much, but I’ve discovered my hair looks better dyed, so I keep it that way.

FYI, it’s also “almost as long as Satan’s”.