Greek Translation

Can anyone translate what this means? My daughter was on a walk and this was on a sidewalk–in Colorado Springs, CO: Αεηιουω Ιηουεαω. Google translate doesn’t do any good. There was also a longer quote(?) but I want to find out if this is gibberish before taking the time to type it in

Αεηιουω is just the 7 vowels of the Greek alphabet in alphabetical order. There appears to be some mystical associations with them in certain quarters:

IOW, I vote for near gibberish.

And the second word is the same seven vowels, in a different order (I suppose there might be some significance to the order, but I have no idea what it’d be).

My first thought is that it’s meant as a letter-substitution cypher, such that α is transformed to ι, ε to η, and so on. But it wouldn’t be a very useful cypher that transformed only the vowels, because the consonants would leave the cryptotext pretty close to readable.

Interesting that a Google search finds only this thread itself, but a DuckDuckGo search finds a different hit (only one!) and not this thread.

This old Reddit post seems to ask about a longer Greek quote that contains these same “words”:

A helpful Reddit moderation-bot thought it broke some rule (but didn’t say what) and deleted it. But not before one possible answer came in:

The cited link goes to a Wikipedia page on Abraxas, the second word in the above Greek quote, which give a very vague and indefinite meaning, apparently some mystical Gnostic thing.

A second reply, apparently by the same respondent, says:

We found the same writing on a trail in Colorado Springs(also while walking with our daughter!)! This writing was found in two places on Rock Island Trail. We’ve walked this trail for YEARS and never noticed this writing before. Where did you see it and have you seen it since?


How about the motto across the bottom of this first, triangular Miskatonic U. pin?

That’s not a motto of mystical Greek hocus-pocus.

ΑΡΧΑΙΟΛΟΓΙΑ is literally the modern Greek word for ARCHEOLOGY. Notice that some of the other pins are list other academic fields of study or extracurricular activities.

Any modern computer with online translation ability would have translated that, once you activated a Greek alphabet keyboard.

TBH, ΑΡΧΑΙΟΛΟΓΙΑ Club sounds fun.

Ah, good - thanks!

What does Tau Beta Eta stand for?

Mystical Greek hocus-pocus.

Greek hocus-pocus would be “αυτό είναι ένα σώμα”.