green or brown beer bottle

I’ve heard milk in a paper carton stays fresher longer. So, do brown bottles protect the beer from the elements better than the more expensive green bottles. If so by how much and is it worth it considering the beer doesnt stay in the bottle too long, well at least not for me.

Yeah, from my experience, beer in green/clear bottles tends to be skunky. Sunlight can damage beer; brown bottles do a much better job of protecting the beer from sunlight than do green or clear bottles.

but wko leaves their beer out in the sun-- i keep mine in the frig

It’s UV lighting that really skunks a beer. And guess what kind of lighting is most common in store houses and liquor stores? Of course many cardboard cases block out most light. I try to buy Heineken (which skunks very easily) either in a pristine case or in cans.

Samuel Smith’s supposedly puts something in their clear glass that blocks the UV. I think Miller does something to their beer so it doesn’t get skunky. Rolling Rock tastes so bad anyhow I don’t think you notice the skunkiness.

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The Corona you buy here tastes very skunky, but if you go to Mexico, it’s in a brown bottle and you can really tell the difference.

All About Beer magazine recently did an article on this. Brown beer filters much more light than green, which is in turn better than clear. And yes, UV light is bad! Cans are even worse for beer’s health.

That said, Bud’s stupid “born on” date is just more lying from them. Not ALL beers are best when fresh; bottle-conditioned (and cask-conditioned) beers improve with age in the way that wine does (as long as they’re not too old or stored badly).

Go for brown bottles when possible.


So then, why do beer companies bottle in green or clear glass? Is it cheaper or something? I always buy my beer in 12s (which is good since I usually buy Molson Ice (green) and/or Corona (clear)).

as far as i know the brown bottles are the cheapest. i think alot of bottlers use green and clear bottles cause it looks nicer