Green Tea Powder

I need some green tea powder, or matcha, for a recipe. I only need a few tablespoons, and I’m not a tea-drinker, so I don’t want to spend big bucks on this. I’ve gone to two Oriental Markets and neither owner knew what I was talking about. The one store had a packet that might be green tea powder, or it migt be instant green tea…not what I need. I’ve checked two grocerie stores with extensive tea selections, World Market and Trader Joe’s. No luck. I found some online, and the prices were outrageous. Finally found one source online that had a small amount at a reasonable ($3.50) price, but with shipping, and the time it’ll take…well, I really wanted to make these cookies for Tuesday!

Any idea on where else I should look? What type of store? Should I try an Asian restaurant?

My Grandma got hers at the temple.

Anyway you could grind regular green tea to dust in a coffee grinder?

Admits I have never heard of green tea powder so this might an incredibly stupid suggestion.

A mortar and pestle might work better. Crack open some tea bags and grind away.

I’m not sure that grinding loose tea would work…and what temple?