Green tinge to face?

I get this green tinge on my face on occasion. Even when I’m not nauseous. It’s subtle, but I’m still self-conscious about it. What could be causing this and how can I make it go away?

Maybe you have a touch of jaundice, whcih can cause a yellowish skin tone. Depending on your natural coloring, it could appear greenish.

I dunno


Have you always had it or is this a new thing?

Are you part Vulcan?

Maybe hypochromic anemia. Or possibly putrefaction. Have you checked your pulse lately?

Are you a zombie?

Do you often feel envious? :wink:

My mom told me that when I was a baby I ate so much squash that my skin had a yellowish tinge. Do you eat a lot of green food?

Do you have especially fair skin? If so, perhaps the veins under your skin are more noticeable than in other people. Makeup.

That can’t be easy.

Maybe you’re in the matrix, and can see the code? Are you The One?

Make sure that it’s not a medical issue (see a doctor). After that, there is a huge range in skin color and I myself am blessed with a non-fair yet non-dark complexion that occasionally looks green or red, especially under fluorescent lights.

It’s probably just a skin tone issue. My (fair) skin is so yellow-toned that I look rather jaundiced next to most of my white friends, and wearing certain colors will make me look green…

I recommend healthy living just in case, and foundation for days it’s bothering you.

Like the others have suggested, first be assure you are not ill.

I have an ‘olive’ skin tone. I use makeup with a bit of red in it (particularly Cover Girl Loose Powder 120- it’s inexpensive and available everywhere from the pharmacy to the grocery store) to counter the green and make sure I get just a little bit of sun throughout the year to cover the green with a little bit of brown.

Again, just a little bit of sun works well for me as my skin is very sun reactive. I can turn very, very brown. I just think it’s bad for your skin and not attractive to look sun baked (like “Tan-Mom”- Eek!). I also avoid some shirt/clothing colors as they add to the green. Yellow is a bad color for me.

Do you have an eating disorder? Anorexia can cause the hypochromic anemia mentioned earlier in this thread. Victorians called these girls “chlorotic” because of their greenish skin tone.

Do you find it’s only when you get angry?

Just a reminder that Diamonds02 claims to be a black woman, so this is probably not an issue with overly fair skin.

My guess is that it’s a normal variation due to lighting or clothes color. If you’re truly concerned, ask a doctor.

Are you back on your meds? Or off them?

You’re probably just defying gravity.