Green Tobasco or Red Tobasco?

I was never a fan of the red pepper tobasco sauce but the green stuff is fantastic, IMHO. I love it - I’ve used almost a full bottle in about 1-2 weeks. YUM.

Which do you prefer? The red pepper sauce or the green pepper sauce?



Aaahhhh, a topic after my own heart.
I love both, but the red has decidedly more “oomph”. The red is the Classic, but I like the green for the same reason I like Frank’s hot sauce: it’s easier to distribute. (Not a “chile head” here, who equates hot with good and eats habeneros to make points.)
The green may look a little funky, but if you’re using enough for the color to matter, you should probably be using the red anyway.

Somewhere on a hot, lazy Southern island, a clan named McIlhenny is waiting for a too-tall Yankee gal to come slouching toward them.


What, exactly, is ‘tobasco’ sauce? Fully-aged tobacco leaves pressed and fermented in ancient oak barrels? Is it spicy?

Sorry, i just had to be a smart ass.

I choose Red…

Red definitely. I’m like that guy in the commercial, eating pizza and applying Tabasco to each bite. He is bitten by a mosquito, which then explodes in midair because his blood is so hot.

Of the two mentioned in the op I vote for the green.
But why limit yourself to just the two?
Try the habanero variety, it has a lot to recommend it.

I’m a red girl, no doubt.

Denny’s Eggs Over My Hammy would never be the same without about a tablespoon of Red Tabasco.

When I use tabasco, I usually use green. But given a choice of sauces, I use Frank’s Red Hot. I’ve used pretty much an entire bottle in the last 2 weeks.

I’ve switched to Cholula, rarely use Tabasco anymore.

But the green is interesting at times. I use the red for everything from eggs to beer. (Yes, I said beer. Great flavor, and as a bonus, it keeps people from drinking the wrong beer when I am out.)

I LOVE the green! I put it on my chips and nachos instead of salsa.I use about a bottle a week.

That Franks hot sause is awesome too - I pour it over meat…drool…

Depends on what’s being eaten. For eggs, anything with cheese, or black beans and rice, I’ll go with green. If it’s meat-based or fried, e.g., fish, then red is preferable.
However, this is neglecting the wide array, the beauteous bouquet, that is alternative hot sauces. Frank’s, Texas Pete, Melinda’s, Cholula, Crystal–al of these are preferable to Tabasco, IMHO. I find Tabasco to be too vinegary, more of a superhot vinegar than a hot sauce.
Anything from Dave’s, green habanero El Yucateco, El Tapatio, and the entire family of Bufalo hot sauces (look in the Goya row) are excellent, cost less than Tabasco, and deliver more flavor than most.

Of course, I also make three versions of my own (chipolte, habanero, and jalapeno), in addition to growing two kinds of habaneros and BLACK Czech peppers, so I’m not the most rational person in the world, obviously.

Cholula is perfect on El Charrito frozen dinners, or anything Mexican…

Borderline chile head. Hot is an acquired taste, and I grew some habaneros last summer that changed my life. Made a mango/lime/habanero relish. Prepping the habaneros, I tear-gassed the kitchen. Mrs. M burned her hand on the cold water faucet a half-hour after I was done, and I had to bleach every surface I had touched. When I pull some of the relish out of the freezer this winter I drift into the hot August pepper afternoons…

I prefer red. The green has artificial color, other unnecessary additives, and isn’t hot enough. Want green? Eat a jalapeno.

The red is nothing but chiles, salt, and vinegar. I use it by the tablespoon. Yummy.

They make green tabasco sauce??

The green is good in clam chowder, and on fish dishes. I like the red for eggs and cheese-based dishes. The newere sauces are nice too (chile-garlic is great); I find the habanero a bit too hot.

If I have to use one or the other, it’s always red.

At home though, it’s all Texas Pete. I use crushed red pepper more than the sauce though.

Red. I find the green to be too mild.

I’m not nearly the hot-head (no offense intended) that many of you are. I really like the more mild taste of the green because it’s the perfect spicy level for me - I can dump the stuff on and not cough if I get too much at a time. With the red, I had to make sure there wasn’t more than a drop on each mouthful or I’d jump a little.

However - that said - the red tobasco is fantastic on popcorn! I haven’t tried the green on it yet. But it adds really great flavor.


Green is excellent on chips, red can’t be beat for soups and fish, but habanero is the one to reach for if you just want to remove a few layers of skin from the inside of your mouth. Yum.