Greg the Bunny

During this little’s show’s network run, I caught exactly one episode. I was amused, and intended to look it up again later.

But it was on Fox. So it disappeared.

I rented the DVDs from Netflix this weekend.


Any other Greg fans out there in StraightDope land? Blah.

I liked it. I’m probably going to pick up the DVD, especially since it has eps that didn’t air that I haven’t seen.

‘From now on, you’re “Count A’ight”.’

That scene always stuck with me.

Tardy’s my favorite character. Every single line is a gem.

I loved this show… that’s all I have to say.

[drives by on a tractor] “I’m not aposed to do this!”

I really dug the show. I loved the scene of Count Blah trying to introduce himself:

“Your name is Count Blah-Blah?”
“No, Count Blah. Blah.”

Especially since he didn’t know how to pronounce it.

It came out as Count I-iggit.


“I made a smelly in my shelly!”

For those that liked GTB there’s a show on Canada’s Comedy network called “Puppets Who Kill”. Basically an R-rated version of GTB.

Makes me laugh pretty hard every time. Of course, it’s hard to find it in the USA, but you can if you look hard enough.


If you like that, be sure to check out Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles.

It has been described as “The Muppets on crack.”

Aw, man. I wish my TV got Canada.


GTB was one of the many excellent things my bride brought to the marriage. We own it on DVD, watch it maybe annually, especially the extras and outtakes.

Blah Bawls. The missus and I try to be respectful when we find ourselves in a cemetery, but inevitably one of us remembers this. And shares. Then we become “those people.”

There was a thing on youtube where Greg and some human friends go to a rave and Greg gets dosed. I can’t find a good copy of it anymore, it’s like the video is scrambled but the audio is fine–maybe it works if you eat a molly before watching? Does anyone know where there is an intact version of this?

I don’t know the clip you’re speaking of, but if you find it, let me know.


The crying at 2:33. Maybe not hysterical on its own, but after a season of watching him stick Blah all over his speech, it’s just fun that he cries that way, too. And also, see 9:53.

No, I meant the rave clip.

AHHHH!!! They fixed it! “I love the law!”

I’ve only caught about two episodes. But I’m forever grateful, because they gave me a line that I use in real life that works marvelously.

I have a bald head. Occasionally, people will rub my head uninvited (so annoying). When they do, I respond: “Oh yeah, keep going… I’m almost there!” Watching people recoil at that, warms my heart.

A few weeks back, I was watching The Florida Project, a very nice 2017 film starring Willem Dafoe. It had a quick scene where the characters were watching Greg The Bunny on TV. I thought to myself…“Hey! Greg The Bunny! I loved that show.” Turns out, the director of The Florida Project is Sean Baker, one of the creators of Greg The Bunny.