Who Saw "Greg the Bunny"?

Some of you did. Now come on, admit it. I watched it Wednesday night, and I must say, I liked it, though I’m expecting a bit more from the next episode.

The bunny is pretty adorable, IMHO. And so are Count Blah and Warren. Seth Green’s okay. I like Eugene Levy so far. Anyway, opinions?

I saw it and loved it. But, can it be funny after the novelty (puppets with character) wears off?

What are the odds it lasts more than 6-8 episodes?

I watched, as I’m a fan of Eugene Levy from SCTV days, but I don’t have much hope for the series. I mean, there’s only so many jokes you can make around a few puppets.

I read in a review that the second episode is pretty wretched, so be warned.

I was forced to watch this show last night. I’d been avoiding it because the premise was so stupid. But my son was watching it (he loves it, not a good sign in my opinion) and I happened to hear it and. . …

I was laughing so hard I was crying. Were the episodes before this one this funny? And this, um, potentially offensive to many, many different groups? I mean:

“He was walking down the hall and his berries fell out.” and
“You’d be a great rape counselor.”

There is no way this episode will pass without somebody starting a protest.

I saw the show on Tuesday, and completely hated it. I didn’t laugh once. Was the episode on Wednesday better?

Sorry, it was on too late for old folks like us.

Saw it Sunday night – it was an episode in which Seth Green MTVizes the show.

Good lord. Could it have been stupider?

Evidently someone heard about Meet the Feebles and decided it would be a good TV show. Wrong! Wrongwrongwrong. Especially without Peter Jackson’s wit, the whole thing just becomes a sad, sordid mess.

Maybe other episodes are better. I, for one, will never find out.


Oh yes, Sunday’s episode was weak. I realized that I need my Seth Green in much smaller doses. I thought the first episode was cute - Greg’s song ‘Snowball’ was cracking me up.

Sarah Silverman and Dina Spybey sure do look good.

The episode I saw was about paintball (silly and not funny) and an evil dog (offensive, but funny as hell).

I was mildly amused by the first two episodes, but last night’s show was a lot better/funnier. I think, if this show is given a chance, it could really hit its stride and be very good. But I’m betting FOX will cancel it very soon.

I saw the same ep that BigGirl did, and I wasn’t that impressed. I chuckled a few times (mostly stuff with the dog), but that was pretty much it. My comment immediately following the episode, “Yeah, that show’s not going to last long.”

I saw last night’s (paintball and evil dog) and thought it was hilarious in spots. It had the choppy feel of any show’s first few episodes (Seinfeld, Simpsons) but I think Fox will keep it rolling. How can you not like a show involving Sammy Davis Jr. Memorial eyeballs that play a bad version of Mr. Bojangles being sewn into a dog’s scrotum? Farting puppets? Puppets with fanny packs full of drugs?

The key is that the puppets are funny not because they are puppets, but because they have distinct characters. I loved the frog lying on the ground in paintball singing about being dead. I loved the Count Blah syntax, ending every other sentence with an offhand “blah”. I liked the human sized “girl” puppet saying that all women “just want to have penises”. In the end, the novelty of puppets will wear off, but does anyone watch The Simpsons because its a cartoon? No, they watch because it’s funny. Same with South Park, King of the Hill, etc. Even shows I hate, like Ally McMeal, succeed more because of the writing than because of the novelty. That’s why I think the Andy Richter show is promising as well–it’s funny.

BTW, does anyone know the background of the brunette lead female offhand? I seem to remember her from Mr. Show.

I am loving this show, and last night’s episode cracked me up a bunch. I hope they keep it on. Furthermore, I hope it succeeds to such an extent that other networks produce similar puppet-based shows. The world needs more of that sort of thing.

Actually, I think he’s a turtle, which makes his name doubly funny; his name is “Tardy”, he’s a turtle, and he’s, apparently, retarded.

I remember her from Saturday Night Live. Her name is Sarah Silverman. Check out her IMDB profile.

Sarah Silverman is one of the most amazing actresses around. I keep waiting for her to “break out” and get starring roles in big stuff.

But being a network flak in GtB is going the wrong way. Sigh.

I liked this episode a lot. I was surprised that they went all the way and actually castrated the dog. I figured they’d chicken out to prevent the inevitable PETA protests.

But man, listening to a bad “Mr. Bojangles” coming from that dog’s scrotum was freakin’ hilarious.

I was waiting to start a thread on this show until I’d seen more than one episode. Having now done so,
I think the best thing about GTB is that it presents the possibility of Seth Green doing a few more cameos on
Buffy once this show is canned.

The problem with the puppets being "just like us" is that in this show, they are.    They're just not over the top

enough. Greg, the bunny, is just boring. Seth Green, as a slacker isn’t really stretching himself very much.
And the writing is just…limp. It’s just not crisp. Or funny.

Greg the Bunny
Just aint funny

I work in television (for a FOX owned and operated station, even) and I think the show is a HOOT! I think it would be a hoot even if Rupert didn’t make me say this!

I figured that as well. One reviewer said Tardy Turtle is in a way similar to Ralph Wiggum. I agree in the fact that Tardy says stupid things, but seems to be actually retarded, whereas Ralph seems more sane. (Tardy, Warren the Ape, and Count Blah seem to be the funniest, or at least the most interesting, of the Sweetknuckle Junction crew, blah.)

“I am singing the quiet song, the quiet song, the quiet song…”

I like it too, for the absurity of it, but a similar puppet-based show would seem to be a bit of copycatting. Though a show with humans and puppets is an old-hat idea, this show turns it on its ear and shows a wacky world where puppets…I mean, fabricated Americans live alongside the “fleshies,” and have personalities, problems, and are more than pieces of felt and fur with hands up their arses. It’s original, and strange. And it looks good. Keep it up, producers who can’t hear me and I have really no link to!