Bob's Burgers, SERIES PREMIERE (open spoilers)

Fox’s latest animated sitcom premieres tonight. Unfortunatly it seems to have displaced American Dad instead of Family Guy. Any thoughts?


The previews totally had this show all wrong.

I was all ready to pass it by, and I wanted to prove to myself it sucked as much as the previews.


We have a winner, and its only been 5 minutes.

not even Coach McGuirk can save this

Don’t Taste Me Bro!


Not entirely awful, but…not good.

Meh. Maybe I’m being too generous. Not as bad as Sit Down, Shut Up, but it makes me look forward to Family Guy :eek:.

Perhaps it can get sold to Adult Swim.

Would mesh better there.

And I still can’t believe some of the stuff that AS has had.

Definitely not on the must watch list.

No comment on the show but the commercials for this have been very confusing for me. The actor voicing Bob is the same as the one who does Archer in Archer so every time I’d hear a commercial I’d get excited that Archer was back for season 2 only to be disappointed when it was a Bob’s Burgers commercial (I’m not usually actually looking at the TV and it has been omnipresent on the radio).

But that prompted me to check and learn that Archer really is coming back for season 2 soon so I’m happy.

But still probably won’t watch Bob’s Burgers.

It didn’t suck (except for the animation which was strictly C-/D+), but where are they going with it? It’s not like Fox Sunday night is hurting for animated families with a schlub father in a dead-end job, three wacky misfit kids, and hijinks ensuing.

How many plots can you center around a burger joint before you have to jump the shark?

I got a few laughs out of it.

Good point, Finagle. It’s a little over used by now.

I thought the show was OK. There were some good bits and maybe if it gets a little room to grow it will turn into a decent show. If Fox wants all cartoons on Sunday, I’d like to see something after the Simpsons other than three MacFarlane shows.

The characters are unlikable and unwatchable. To be fair I tuned out after 10min.

At best, some of it was almost funny, but it was careful not to cross the line and make anyone laugh.

Yep. Unwatchable is exactly what I thought too.

Absolutely painful to sit through. Won’t tune in for another episode.

On the low side of “meh.” A couple of jokes approached amusing (although I can’t remember what they were anymore), but the characters aren’t very sympathetic or interesting, and I think the visual style of the animation is off-putting. Too stylized, and not in a good way. Just not engaging.

That was just awful. The writing sucked, the animation sucked, and the voices sucked.

Didn’t laugh once. Didn’t smile once. Not a good beginning.

Glad to see the previews didn’t actually mischaracterize the show and it’s just as bad as it looked. Looks like I didn’t miss anything.