South Park - 10/29

Oh man. I’ve still only watched half of this episode. It’s pretty rare that I’ll just give up on an episode of one of my favorite shows halfway through, but the laughs were nonexistent, and even the chuckles and grins were few and far between.

Should I watch the rest of this crap, or is the second half as bad as the first?

While certainly not a classic, I kind of enjoyed it. I laughed at each different guinea pig costume, and I liked how Craig ripped on the guys.

Craig was the only good thing about this otherwise crap episode. So far, this season is pretty weak.

Aye. I think they’re beginning to suffer from “Simpsonitis” wherein people expect every episode to be as good as the best of the classic episodes.

I’ll add the guinea pigs. I was somewhat amused by them. But otherwise, yeah, not much else going on aside from Craig and the guinea pigs. And yet, this might have been the best episode of the season.

Craig was dumb in this episode and the last one. He annoyed me.

The guinea pigs annoyed me until they started showing up in costume. That was good. But then they lost me again with the pirate costume.

All-in-all, the story was decent, it just wasn’t funny. There was no reason for this to be a 2-parter. They could’ve cut a whole episode of boring stuff and made a decent single episode.

No love for Randy? He was cracking my shit UP in this episode!

I agree. It was funny.

Craig: “I realize we don’t always have control over what happens to us. We are all but players on the stage of life. And I also learned never to listen when people come asking you for money.”

Yep. I couldn’t even get through the first half of it either. They could have just started this episode in medias res and it would have improved things. It’s not simply that they’re not as funny; they haven’t been funny period. I expect a few clunkers but for every single episode to just be terminally unfunny…

I’m. So… Startled. Wave to the camera Shelly.

I rather liked the bit where he was in the bus with his family, the guinea pigs outside, and he runs outside to get a better shot, then runs back into the besieged bus. Something about randy acting retarded…

What were the bookends with Craig parodying? It reminded me of that 80s movie with Sean Astin and Kevin Bacon where they go backpacking (the name escapes me at the moment) but that couldn’t have been it?

Yeah the costumes were fun. Is Craig going to be a regular or one off?

Craig has always been a regular.

I think

He’s the kid who gave everything the finger in the earlier seasons. He’s been in a lot of episodes over the years but hasn’t seen much of the spotlight. I think he tried out to be the boys’ new friend when Kenny died.

Stan, Kyle, and Cartman auditioned the other guys for their new best friend in a format similar to that of “The Bachelor” TV program. Craig was among the contestants but Butters won. Then they decided Butters was too lame and they replaced him with Tweek. I believe this rejection led to Butters taking on the identity of Professor Chaos.

Wasn’t there also an episode where Tweek and Craig fought, or were supposed to fight?

Yes. Craig took sumo lessons, where his sensei advised him that his body must be like a stone, and his mind like a meatloaf.

I have no idea why I remember that.

The funny thing is that the real town of South Park is about as long as four or five buses, so the idea that South Park has a transit system is funny in its own self.

Where’s Pip been!?
I see him, but he hardly, (if ever), talks anymore.