Greta Van Fleet aka Millenial Led Zeppelin

You’re welcome!

Given their serious downplay of Zeppelin influences, I find them difficult and, well, cringey to listen to. I’m embarrassed for them.

I’m not saying they have no talent, I’m just saying they have no shame.

It’s quite interesting how a band ends up sounding exactly like an album released nearly 50 years later without making any conscious effort to. From what I’ve read, they totally do not intend to sound almost identical to LZ, it’s just that what they want to sound like, what the culminations of all the influences on them, to a large extent being many of the same as those on LZ, causes them to want to play in almost the exact same way.

I’ll concur with Youtuber theneedledrop and say that while they definitely aren’t bad, the fact that they aren’t exactly groundbreaking or original in any way at all, despite their apparent efforts to do so, makes what they’re doing not particularly good. If you want to hear a bunch of songs that happen to sound like LZ and don’t mind that they’re written by slightly less talented writers and played by slightly less talented musicians, they’re not too bad. That they are apparently massively popular despite sounding like playing deep cuts from an album released 50 years ago shows that there is a vast untapped market of people who want early-style LZ music. Critics may be divided, but there are plenty of hard rock fans out there who want something that sounds like the classics but isn’t. This is the closest they’re going to get.

I’ve moved on The Beatles The Who, LZ, Pink Floyd, Yes, Jethro Tull, ELP, and Rush, and listen to them only sparingly so as to not wear out their luster. When I go back and listen to them, I’m rather amazed just how much better overall they sound compared to the closest newer stuff I listen to today, which is symphonic metal* (Nightwish, Within Temptation, Kamelot being my favorites). But that also means that when I hear GVF, I’m not doing so from the perspective of wanting to hear more LZ - I’ve moved on. So it’s just not particularly interesting to me except in the sense that they’ve somehow accidentally reproduced it and seem ashamed that they haven’t managed to come up with anything original. There are currently active bands putting out music that’s much more interesting to me, and GVF are simply slightly less talented imitators.

Again, not to say they are bad and they won’t be massively successful, but they probably won’t be remembered as a band who took rock music to any particular new place - they’ll just have brought back a sound that people were yearning for.

  • Things I also listen to: Two Steps From Hell (epic trailer music), Natalie MacMaster (Celtic fiddle), Jesse Cook/Armik (Flamenco/Rhumba/Spanish guitar). Those are nearly as close to LZ as Nightwish.