Greta Van Fleet aka Millenial Led Zeppelin

I’ve listened to them for a little over a year now. They released their official first full album a bit over a month ago. In every article written about them they are compared usually in the first sentence to Led Zeppelin. The band consist of three brothers and a friend, and all hail from Frankenmuth, Michigan and range in ages 22 to 19.

Obligatory wiki page:

While there are a lot of similarities, guitar riffs, drum profile and the lead singer’s eerie similar vocal range to Robert Plant (I think he sounds more like Geddy Lee), they are unique in their own kind of way from Led Zeppelin.

I also am not sure of their audience. Is it young millennials or is it aging classic rock enthusiasts? The crowds seen in their videos is mostly young kids, who don’t really seem as into their music as I would expect.

Oh well, I continue to be impressed with them and look forward to more of their music.

Obligatory links to youtube videos:

Highway Tune
When the Curtain Falls

I, a Gen Xer, love 'em, and my 60-something uncle-in-law, an aging hard-rocker, loves them too. I don’t hang out with many Millenials, so I don’t know how popular they are among that age group.

We were in Frankenmuth last spring, and it was surprising to see so many GvF albums, posters, etc. for sale in these quaint, old-fashioned German-themed shops. But local boys made it big, so their stuff is on the shelves all over town.

They’re okay. The guitar is good; the vocals are good. The arrangements/songwriting are little more than adequate, tho. And they lack the powerhouse rhythm section they really need.

Also, I hate their name. I hate Audrey Horne’s name too, but they won me over with their 70s-retro music. Maybe Greta Van Fleet will too one day.

I have some friends who grew up in the Frankenmuth area, and they brought me back a coffee cup with a Frankenmuth logo in exchange for feeding their cat when they went back to see their families of origin. It’s a heavily Dutch area, hence the name. Maybe Greta is a cousin, a favorite teacher (a la Lynyrd Skynyrd), their original singer, etc.? (ETA: Never mind, I saw their Wiki page.)

I’ll have to check this band out.

The name may be Dutch, but the area’s all German.

OK, they sound to me like early Zeppelin with the singer from Ratt on vocals.

The first time I heard them, I thought it was a Zeppelin outtake that I hadn’t heard before. The second time I heard a new song from them, I thought it was a new-to-me Zeppelin outtake again. The third time, I figured it was Greta Van Fleet. That guy’s voice is reedy compared to Robert Plant’s, and it’s easy to pick out now.

It’s not a bad stylistic copy, but if anyone has less claim to being offended by someone copying them wholesale than Led Zeppelin, it might be Greta Van Fleet. Then again, they’re not really the first to do that. Mudhoney sounded like they had stumbled onto a catalog of the best Blue Cheer songs that you never heard. Heck, I’m sort of in the process of ripping off The Jesus and Mary Chain in one song I’m writing now.

But on the other hand, if they have any longevity with their current act as it is, then it will mean that folks have forgotten Led Zeppelin. That wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it would be weird. Zeppelin was certainly better at assembling a song than Greta Van Fleet is, and the latter really does only do one aspect of the former’s style. I haven’t heard anything in the style of “Immigrant Song”, for instance. It’s all in the style of “Traveling Riverside Blues”.

But when you look over here at your foot, you realize that’s kind of an unfair comparison. Greta Van Fleet is probably a band who came to their style by figuring out what they could pull off in a live setting, growing up brothers or not. Led Zeppelin was assembled by John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, two experienced session musicians who had played on a ton of hits between them. Seriously - Sunshine Superman has them on guitar and bass. JPJ had also been trained in music, and been doing arrangements - the strings on “She’s a Rainbow” are his. So, coming up with a way of selling songs in the style of “Traveling Riverside Blues” is a pretty good accomplishment, even if you’re not Led Zeppelin.

But after watching GVF’s videos, I have to remark that they dress worse than the guys in Zeppelin, and they had the excuse of being filthy rich in the 70’s.

The oddest thing about them is that they seem to severely underplaytheir Zeppelin influence. The exact quote from guitarist Jake Kiszka was that Led Zeppelin were not “an overwhelming influence.”

I mean, just own it. You guys sound like Zep. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

My son played on album of theirs for the family’s baby boomers over Christmas to see what we thought. We all agreed it sounded like Zep Light, which, as said above, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If their popularity introduces some new listeners to LZ, listeners who might not otherwise have sought them out, that is nothing but a good outcome.

A friend of mine is in his upper 40’s and can’t stop talking about this band and how great they are. I don’t see it (hear it) myself. I’d rather just listen to classic Zep.

Yeah I agree with Manson…I’ve had a few people tell me to check them out and be amazed and I’m like ok cool, they sound like Zepplin but so does Zepplin. Not that I’m a huge Zepplin fan and think they’re poseurs, or that I dislike Zepplin and thus dislike these dudes. I’m just…not in the market for another?

Rush started out as an early Led Zeppelin clone too.

Okay, I do find this amusing: other bands that sound like other bands are sometimes awesome. While GVF doesn’t do it for me, a band that sounds more like Black Sabbath than Black Sabbaths amazeballs.

Orchid - Capricorn
Orchid - Black Funeral

But these guys aren’t ashamed of their obvious worship, didn’t downplay the Black Sabbath influence or anything and in fact, embraced it because that’s exactly what they were trying to do: sound as much like Black Sabbath as possible. And because they owned it, they fucking pwned it. Their music is amazing; their performances awesome to behold.

GVF apparently unintentionally sound like Zep; they’re focus and intent is just different than Orchid.

I hadn’t heard of them until I was offered front-row seats to one of their concerts. So I cranked them up on the Spotify machine.

I was impressed, thought they were solid. About 3 songs in, though, I realized that the main effect of hearing GVF was that I was itchin’ to hear some Zeppelin.

I love classic Zep, but have heard it all a million times. I like these guys because it is like the Zep I had never heard. Hopefully they’ll eventually break out into their own thing, but for right now I am digging what they’re putting out.

Oh, hell yeah! Thanks for shining a light on these guys. Two albums on Spotify should help me bust through my weekend construction projects. :smiley:

Emphasis mine.

Really? I don’t hear Geddy Lee at all. All I hear is a young Robert Plant, especially when it comes to his screaming.

Denying your influences would seem to be an appropriate way to immitate Led Zep. Maybe these guys can find a few Willie Dixon songs to claim as their own.

I wonder what other gems Spirit has in their catalog? :smiley:

Heck, if you’re gonna go that way, just have them rip off a bunch of Zeppelin songs.