Greta Van Susteren doesn't fit at MSNBC.

This is the epitome of mundane and pointless but I have to say, I do not like this new MSNBC-version of Greta Van Susteren. I watch her and consistently forget I’m even watching MSNBC. It feels like FOX. Plus she’s boring as hell, absolutely no personality. I give her show 6 months until it’s axed.

I think she brings balance to MSNBC. Far right to balance out the far left. FOX should bring in Keith Olbermann.

I’m actually hoping she’ll fit, but I haven’t caught the show yet. I used to watch her many moons ago and I didn’t hate her then, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. i do think a variety of views is a good thing, usually anyway.

I’m definitely not suggesting that MSNBC isn’t better off with a modicum of political balance. I’m specifically talking about Greta herself.

I always thought Greta was a moderate voice at Fox. I enjoyed her show.

I need to watch her new one at MSNBC. I guess there her slightly conservative voice will stick out compared to the other very liberal commentators.

Again, it’s not her politics I’m objecting to. She actually strikes me as quite moderate and non-partisan (not totally, for sure but relative to her FOX colleagues). She just has no presence or personality as a show host. And her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

Greta started at CNN. Doing crime and legal stories. She covered the Natalee Holloway disappearance extensively.

She does have a very laid back approach. Especially compared to other TV personalities.

When she first went to Fox, I thought she was selling out. She actually had a pretty good reputation for rational fairness before that. Maybe she’s just back where she belongs.

I was very surprised when she went to Fox.

I was even more surprised to find out that she and her husband are Scientologists. :eek:

She was also IMNSHO the last person I would have ever imagined would have had a face lift.

Greta got David Miscavige’s memo. :slight_smile:

Wow, I didn’t know about the Scientology stuff. And I agree, before I found out that she had had a face lift, I used to think what an unfortunate face she had. Then I heard about her plastic surgery and saw her before and after pictures…she looked soo much better before! :eek: She paid for that ugly mug. Wow.

I did not know that she is involved with Scientology. That is the last straw for me.

TBH, I’ve never been convinced Greta Van Susteren belonged on Earth. :dubious:

Maybe I’m getting the same vibe as you.

I’ve never much liked her shows. But calling her ‘far right’ is true knee jerk. She’s not conventionally political*. And a lot of these people, not all but a lot of them, change their apparent spin simply to promote themselves. If they have a kind of offbeat view of things, it can be on purpose to map out their own little space and see if an audience coalesces around it. And sometimes they shift just depending what channel they’re on. A more minor personality on Fox was Alisyn Camerota. When she was on ‘Fox and Friends’ she was always yeah, yeah, to the spin of the main male hosts there. Now she’s with Chris Cuomo on CNN and all yeah, yeah to his spin. But she’s making a living. I think some people take these TV people too seriously.

I didn’t know Van Susteren was a scientologist till fairly recently (don’t know how long she has been) but it didn’t surprise me much.

*which I don’t think is disproved by her promoting Trump in the primary season especially, which she definitely did. I’d watch the opening 30 seconds to see how many seconds it took for her to mention his name, this back when there were plenty of other candidates and things to pay attention to in first few seconds of such a program. But some left leaning people IME still seem to have a mental block with this: Trump is not particularly a conservative, and appeals to a lot of people who aren’t, including people who aren’t even ‘right wing’ in any coherent sense. If the point is ‘well voting for Trump got them GOP control and Ryan et al trying to steer the agenda’ that’s completely valid, but a lot of people aren’t political enough to see it that way. I think Van Susteren may fit in that category.

I’ll watch on MSNBC from time to time. She strikes me as a more traditional reporter. More content, less drama. She doesn’t seem particularly partisan.

The scientology thing is news to me. I wonder how it informs her political views and reporting.

Yeah, I retract the ‘far right’ characterization, but she’s definitely right of center. Had a lot of criticism for Obama & Hilary and a lot of praise for Trump. Not so far up his ass as say, Rush Limbaugh, but at least giving him a rim job.

She’s boring and a Scientologist. No need to watch her at all.

Natalie Holloway disappeared in 2005. GVS left CNN to Fox in 2002.

Well done, Ambi.

Greta Van Susteren out at MSNBC after six months

MSNBC sets them up, Ambi knocks them down.