Greyhound Airlines? Did Greyhound ever try to establish an airline?

While browsing through the Web for historic airliner photos and data, I came across this picture of a Boeing 727 jet, apparently being operated by Greyhound. There’s no mistaking the colors or the famous dog. When did Greyhound do this? And why would the company that tries to convince us that several days on a bus is the best way to travel from Los Angeles to New York operate an airline?

To make money.

Judging by the picture, that’s probably a charter jet. I suspect that chartering has advantages over running a regular airline – you only fly when the flight is paid for.

Looks like they used to fly in Canada.

It were based out of Kelowna BC a couple of years ago. They had only a few routes. I can’t remember why they stopped, I think there was some legal formality that killed it.

I believe that Greyhound Canada got bought by a company that didn’t want to operate an airline.