Grey's Anatomy (10/30)-Anyone still watching? (open spoilers)

I thought this was an interesting episode…

How will the plot with Shepard/McDreamy work out? Did you notice the dialog regarding the woman on the pole cracking jokes oblivious that she was about to die… it seemed analogous to meredith and her impending dumpage.

Anyone still watching this campy drama/comedy/soap opera?

I assumed it was going to be a rerun (since Desperate Housewives was)


Still watching (and Tivo Season Passing in case I’m not around). When they try humor, it’s a clever dry humor that generally hits its mark. When they want to tug at the heartstrings a bit, they manage well enough without going overboard (though last night’s made me want to slit my wrists it depressed me so much*). It’s not as good as the show it originally replaced last season (Boston Legal RULES!), but it’s good enough to keep watching.

The McDreamy romance plot is going to be a hangup on Meredith’s part as O’Malley starts trying to act on his crush, denying O’Malley any happiness (and that boy is just so darned puppy-dog cute that you want him happy). It’ll meanader and drag and be a burden in a few episodes.

As far as the patient paralleling her jokes with Merideth’s situation, this has been the show’s MO since episode one. Listen to the opening and closing voiceover monologues. They always tie in the patients with her own personal crap.

Oh, and more Izzy please!**

Not actually suicidal here. But damn that really did well me up, to have a character so full of life in the face of adversity have to die. Especially because I best know the actress as one of the members of the short-lived show Undeclared, and have had a thing for her for a while*.

**Damn I’m a pathetic horndog.

This is one of my wife’s shows that I find myself getting interested in. (Desperate Housewives still bores me).

Did they ever tell for sure if they saved that guy impaled on the pole or not/ The girl died, but they didn’t say anything about him. I figure he must have lived since that was the whole point.

I also realized that now ABC has 4 Dr. Shepherds in it’s nighttime line up. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Shepherd on this show and Island Dr. and Dead Dr. Shepherd on Lost.

With all the hostility that Dr. Shepherd had for his wife, I just didn’t buy them just getting back together and leaving together arm and arm. Even if he did want to work on the marriage I think there would need to be some major counseling involved before they’d reach the going home together arm in arm point.

Yes, they showed him briefly afterwards in a hospital bed with his wife and, I think, son coming in to see him. Not that it was any surprise he survived.

I’m still enjoying this show far more than I thought I would. I really don’t care a lot about the whole McDreamy/wife/Meredith triangle; but some of the supporting characters are just wonderful. Bailey RULES.

Great episode – and yes, I do think that eventually Meredith and McDreamy will have a Happily Ever After. That’s what the whole arc of the series is about.

I predict that six years from now, Meredith will have uprooted and moved to France, with the intention of putting McDreamy out of her mind altogether and marrying a famous Russian surgeon. Christina, Izzy and George will then encourage McDreamy, who’s come around at last, to rush out to Paris, declare his unwavering love, and bring her back to Seattle.

Yeah, I think I saw that episode. In the last few minutes, she answers her cell phone and we finally learn that his first name is “John.” Oops, wrong show. :wink:

Couldn’t they have separated them a foot or so, then cut the pole in the middle?
(Tho the female patient was crashing even before the sparation, so maybe not)


Still watching and loving it. The scene in the elevator with McD and Bailey was wonderful. I also also love that Christina has no idea how to be in a relationship but Burke is amused by this. I love their scenes together. The ratings of this show indicate that it could be an anchor show for ABC. I would love to see it moved to Thursdays opposite ER.

Also, ABC will be showing an episode of Grey’s Anatomy after the Super Bowl. That’s a great promotion for the show.

I’d like to know how they got them on the gurney and put on the hospital gowns without moving that pole a bit.

This gets better every week. Of course McDreamy had to choose Addison – otherwise the show would be over. But the stuff with the pole – I’m not ashamed to admit I found it riveting. (No pun intended.) Both actors brought their A game, and the writing did a great job of constructing theor personalities in the limited time available. Great episode.


I thought the pole thing was over the top, but in general, I really like this show. I agree that Bailey is great. She provides a great anchor for the craziness.

I loved it when Christina brought in the severed woman’s leg - her expression was priceless. Not fair for Alex to find the correct leg, and get the big guy’s (forgot his name/title) kudos…

I’d be on board for this cheesy show if they got rid of Meredith and McDreamy altogether. I’m usually into that sort of storyline, and I’d ususally enjoy Patrick Dempsey. But for some reason, both characters rub me the wrong way, and I don’t buy their relationship (whether it’s on or off).

I’ll watch it sometimes, but I’m disappointed if George doesn’t get much airtime. And Bailey, and Izzy, Christina, Burke…yeah, I like pretty much everyone else. :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing but then I recalled a drama episode (can’t recall the name or if it was a hospital or police drama) where a person was caught between the subway car and platform and was going to tide when they moved the train… that represents the “top” making the pole thing “lower than over the top”.

I also was wondering why they couldn’t use a reciprocating saw to cut the pole between them…

Great episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets with Vincent D’Onofrio as the poor guy trapped between the platform and subway car.

I enjoy the show. Little nitpick(it happens on other shows too) when the babies were born, they look like they can handle lines already! (Yeah yeah I know about the tv lights so they don’t want to expose newborns etc, however they have those “real live” looking dolls around don’t they?)

That was a brilliant episode of Homicide! Vincent D’O played a real asshole (I’d be pissed too) who also knows he won’t make it and has to be trapped there like that, dealing with that reality. While the guys search to find his girlfriend so that maybe she can see him before he dies, and to find the person who pushed him.

I like Grey’s Anatomy but that incessantly chirpy impalee woman was a little tough to take. And having the hospital gowns on them made no sense.

“If love were enough, she {::McDreamy} would have stayed.” <tear> I love soap opera and unrequited romance, but at the same time it’s hard to imagine that McDreamy and Meredith actually truly love each other.

But yes, I am a devoted fan.

My tape ran out just as they were sending the impaled couple to the xray room. So McDreamy went to the bar to find Meredith (Pick Me!), and then ended up the night with his wife?

No, he came to the bar to tell her that he was going to stay with his wife. Meredith assumed he was coming to “Pick Her” until they finally got a chance to talk at the hospital. Then when he hesitated answering her question, she realized that he wasn’t going to leave his wife.