Grey's Anatomy (10/30)-Anyone still watching? (open spoilers)

There is a weekly column in the N.Y. Daily News, where a Doctor debunks medical procedures on medical shows.
The following from Marc Siegel MD.
Unadulterated fiction.
Interns are far from crucial in an emergency or trauma. It is inconceivable that they would be brought back from a bar to treat patients no matter how understaffed a hospital was during an emergency.
There is no reason that the rod couldn’t be cut into two parts between them, using an electric saw. It is also unlikely that the process of removing it if it had already missed vital organs would cause extreme bleeding. And it is impossible that these two victims would be joking and speaking casually as depicted in the show.
And, total comedy as far as the missing limb.

Yeah, 'cuz I want to watch a show about people losing their shit because they’re going to die. Ehn, real life I can see outside my window.


IANAD, but I thought the plot sounded very implausible!

As drama the plot worked well. As realistic medical scenario it didn’t make sense at all.

I still like the show even if I know I can’t trust the medical stuff.

But are the real people beautiful, funny, charmingly neurotic, incessantly upbeat or heart-wrenchingly lovable in those tableaux?? :wink:

Meh – who gives a white rat’s butt?

What’s important is that it worked as a metaphor. You have two people who are literally connected after a random collision and must necessarily be separated. They’re both good people and have real affection for each other. Everybody knows that the separation is going to kill the girl, but tough titty, because there’s no way around it. It’s not fair that the girl has to be sacrificed, but the guy doesn’t have much of a choice about it – it’s just the way it is.

This show has never pretended to be documentary, or even realistic.

Dr. Siegel’s criticism is like a fishboat operator reviewing Moby Dick and complaining that there’s no way a whaler captain would singlemindedly pursue a specific whale, unnecessarily jeapordizing his crew and ship, because there’s no margin in it. (Not to draw any parallel between the two works’ relative literary weight, of course.)