Grill Pieces are grosser than Braces

Who was responsible for this big joke…the one where the guy told the other guy that wearing huge shards of metal and diamonds in your mouth was cool. Because I’d like to give that guy a huge pat on the back from making everyone in the rap commnunity believe the BIGGEST LOAD OF BULL EVER…as well as a kick in the knees for allowing people to wear something so terrible AND so hideously expensive.

more pictures of sad ways to spend your money here

And I thought you were talking about a webber. :rolleyes:

My husband works in a prison. They’ve recently had a problem with an inmate who had his teeth filed into points shortly before being incarcerated. Of course, the enamel on the sides of each tooth was completely destroyed, and now he’s in a considerable amount of pain from the inevitable decay.

He went to the prison dentist who decided that the only way to take care of the problem was to cap his teeth, but the inmate refuses because he thinks the pointed teeth look cool, and wants the prison dentist to somehow fix his teeth while leaving the points intact, which can’t be done without unreasonably enormous expense and effort. After a few meetings, it was decided that they would cap the teeth properly if the inmate agreed, but they wouldn’t go the extra mile for cosmetic reasons.

The inmate has, so far, refused treatment. His teeth are rotting rapidly, and he’s in a lot of pain, but he won’t budge. Now, that’s suffering for beauty.

I don’t understand all the hate towards grills. Okay, I’m not going to participate in any recreational dentistry either, even if I had the money, but…no one’s asking you to. Chill.

I’ve seen photos and film of women from some tribe or other in Africa who do this (file their teeth to points). I wonder if they have the same complications, or they’ve found a way to do it without removing too much enamel. [/hijack]

A-freakin-men. I was wondering when I’d get to post this; it wasn’t worth startig a thread. Saturday I go to the Harware store to buy some filler for holes in the wall. As I’m leaving this kid walks up with a stupid grin on his face. A Xmas grin. I kid you not, the kids mouth had flashing red, blue and green lights, affixed to a silvery looking grill piece! Flashing lights! :eek:

I’ve seen photos and film of women from some tribe or other in Africa who do this (file their teeth to points). I wonder if they have the same complications, or they’ve found a way to do it without removing too much enamel. [/hijack]

It’s the same as the “hate” toward any ridiculously dumb fad. It looks stupid, and people with some measure of common sense who realize that it looks stupid are pointing out that it looks stupid. Not like we’re going around ripping out the dumbass grills with pliers or anything, just commenting that wow, that shit looks really dumb.

Yeah! And pull up your damn pants, dumbass!


Yeah, what **otto ** said.

Are you saying you don’t understand why people comment negatively on *any * trend, or grills in particular? And if the latter, do you find them appealing?

Or self-protection.

Screw sending out for the things. All I need is a mirror, a bottle of whiskey, and a Beadazzler. I can cap a family of 4 for about $25 each.

I’ll be rich in a week.

Oh, guess I better leave the pliers at home…

I don’t find them appealing - actually, they freak me out completely. I completely understand saying “Hey, there’s this trend I don’t understand. What’s the appeal of it?” I don’t understand saying

I’m just not a big fan of “I don’t like this trend/mindset/etc, therefore it’s terrible and idiotic and everyone who is into it is horribly gullible and slow-witted.”

If you take your underwear and pull with a slight jerk it will become dislodged from you butt. I mean, come on here… clearly someone did not get the memo at birth that explained saracsm and humor. I should not even waste the time to explain it, but I will – I think grill pieces are ridculous, although I do apprciate the people who wear them, because they guarentee me at least one laugh/day, I otherwise think they are such a joke – and I in my quest to see if I was alone or not I thought I would add some humor to the post but clearly that went unappreciated by some.

So, my friend, tune into comedy central, pick up a book of jokes and join the damn party.

The morning show was talking about them a week or so ago, and some teachers called in to say that the poorer kids at school were somehow making versions of grills using foil from gum wrappers.

Also: whatever.

I think that it’s kind of cool that people came up with jewelry for your teeth. I don’t know that what I’ve seen looks particularly good, but it’s not a lot different to me than various piercings and tattooing except for not being able to talk very well.

That’s pretty much what I think too; why not decorate your teeth; if they could bedazzle my nightguard I might wear it all the time!

Those darned kids these days…Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, I think ‘grills’ have been in evolution for quite a while now. I remember about 20 years ago seeing people with gold caps that had hearts or diamond or champagne glass shapes cut into them. Then I noticed some with rubies inlaid into the cap, etc. I still see those giant (thin and cheap) 4 finger rings with the diamond cuts to make them extra shiny. The ring may be in the shape of a big-assed dollar sign or some such. Or the “Mr. T” hollow gold chains. Ugh, ugly.

What I don’t understand is how the appearance of ‘riches’ is so important to folks who own nothing. I was recently house shopping with a friend and drove through a neighborhood of the most ramshackle houses, but they all had ultra fancy, super expensive, giant cars in front.

Are these “grilles” firmly attached, or can the wearer slip them off when he has to look intelligent?