Groovy Little Slice O' My Life Story

OK, this is the perfect thing for this forum- a Mundane and Pointless story that I Must Share!

I was sitting on the edge of my bed playing some bass when I heard this funky sound coming through my headphones, which I recognized as some kind of radio sound. Intrigued, I found that if I placed the head of the bass against my clock radio I could clearly hear “A Prarie Home Companion” coming through the headphones that were running from my amp.

This is where it gets cool- I figured out that I could rock my wah-wah pedal and actually wah Garrison Keillor’s voice. I wish I had some way of recording what I was getting there- it was a seriously trippy effect going on. Just try to imagine GK talking to some musical guest while his voice jumps all around doing that wah sound- it is triptastic (where’s the rainbow smiley when you need him?)

When I was done with this I turned on the radio and discovered it wasn’t even tuned to NPR… wierdness. I changed the dial and I’m sitting here listening to PHC.

Just thought that I’d share. :slight_smile:


PHC = Psychedelic Home Companion.

I told you that listening to NPR could have deleterious side effects.

Weird. Oddly, when my husband is recording his music and is using his electric guitar, you can hear radio coming through the speakers, even though there is no radio on. It’s mundo bizzaro and if it’s talk radio, it is very surreal.