Gropers society in Japan???

Please tell me this is a joke, a mistranslation, or a misunderstanding of some sort…

Manichi Daily News is like the Weekly World News, fer chrissake.

Take it with a grain of salt-- or a splash of shoyu, maybe.

I hope it’s a joke, too. I couldn’t find anything about it on Snopes.

There’s got be an Arnold Schwarzenegger tie in here somewhere…

Perhaps something got messed up in translation…you know, ala “All your base?” If not…well…maybe we should have dropped a few more nukes on 'em to teach them that women aren’t objects.

From what I’ve heard, it’s real. And not too unusual, actually.

Mainichi Daily News? Pretty repeditive, isn’t it?

That aside, groping on trains and subways is a pretty wide-spread problem from what I understand in Japan, but I wouldn’t take that source seriously on the issue. And fushj00mang, bad joke.

Mearl Dox,

Sorry, but you have to admit that some of the works going from Japanese to English are rather…bad. I never took Japanese, but Korean instead, and if the two are anything at all similar, then the ease in which a simple gramatical or syntax mistake can spiral into “All your base” (the most prevalent example in the modern time) is rather, well, easy.

I meant the nuke joke, for pete’s sake. I’m not hugely offended or anything, just bad taste, I thought.

“Mainichi” is “every day” in Japanese.

psssst… fushj00mang

I think the part of your post which attracted comment was the bit about us setting them up the bomb to further civilize them.

Zero Wing is still fair game, as far as I know.

Never mind.

Larry Mudd,

I didn’t even think of that…from the deepest pits of my heart, I do apologize for the gaffe.

On a hijack, though, have you ever read the Americanized version of the Zero Wing intro? It actually makes sense. Too bad its not as funny.