Japanese instructional video for what to do if you're robbed!

This thing is good to have around if you ever find yourself being lobbed by two men or if you’ve got to lose a few pounds.

Zuiikin English : Sankakukin Trouble

…what the!!!


Wow… just wow.

The Japanese rock!

Wow. That was the oddest thing I’ve seen since the Mommas and the Poppas video with the girls dancing in the bathtubs. I can’t seem to find it right now or I’d post a link.


I’ve been saying for years that Japan is weird. Proponants of Japan (that is to say, non-Japanese who seem to be infatuated with what little bit of Japanese culture they can get their hands on) try to tell me it’s not weird, just…“different.”
Nope. Wrongo. It’s weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

{bolding mine}

Hah hah hah! Japanese people mix up "l’s and "r"s! If they say “robbed”, it sounds like “lobbed”! Let’s point and laugh at the funny foreigners! Dickhead. How’s your Japanese?

I just get some monkey message.

And count me as annoyed by the “lobbed” thing too. Gomen nasai, kirai desu. Konbanwa, oyasumimasen.

So, if I’m attacked by two men, what am I supposed to do, aerobacize them? :confused:

Oh wait! I’ve got that “Tae Bo” DVD. . .

So, if I’m attacked by two me, what am I supposed to do, aerobacize them? :confused:

Oh wait! I’ve got that “Tae Bo” DVD. . .

Thank Og for double posts! Cause if I got jumped by two of me, it wouldn’t be a fight, it’d be a party!!

Ahh. I’ve seen this on ytmnd, but wondered what on earth it was all about.

Maybe it’s from a japanese comedy show?

Hey dickhead, this is an English teaching aid, and as such, the satire is richly earned. I wouldn’t use my pidgin Japanese to teach somebody else how to speak Japanese.

Yeah you’re right, that was in bad taste. My apologies.

Now children… let’s not get testy, shall we? Let’s all take a moment to remember that the Internest is serious business. Just sayin’.

On topic, I’ve seen that video before. Still just as bizarre to me. I could never do that. :\

It’s cool. My wife’s Japanese, and I get touchy about this stuff.

Okay, that’s it. Japan is officially Bizarro Inside-Out Land.

I have to get there as soon as possible. :smiley:

You like that? You’ll love this.

URL=http://www.lez.hu/hentaitsop2.swf CGI anime girl in see-thru shirt swinging an onion and singing a Finnish scat folk song./URL] (NSFW, heavy flash animation)

It’s the new mushroom mushroom badgers.

That was some, ummm… realistic jiggling going on there. Wow! Is it hot in here or is it just me?

And how about that onion!

Isn’t that one of the characters from Dead or Alive? The art and the, uh, jiggling are reminiscent of those games.