Peculiar Japanese English language instructional video.

Right here. (YouTube video.)

Synopsis: Cute girls in unitards do weird aerobics while monotonously chanting stuff that sounds like it might have been on the page after “My hovercraft is full of eels,” with a groovy synth & drum machine soundtrack.

It made me feel vaguely like someone dosed me with something.

You know, if you have been dosed with something I would seriously suggest not ever clicking that link.

I love how some of the lines appears to be how to react to a mugging. Why are they fanning their asses while chanting “Let’s go Dutch!” What do they think that means!?

OMG, there’s another one. “How dare you say such a thing to me? It’s your fault that this happened.”

Damned dial-up connection…

a) The clothing and makeup styles look old. Like late-80’s / early 90’s.

b) Around the time that Yoshihiro Hattori was murdered while going to a Halloween party in 1992, there was a brief “survival English” fad in Japan, teaching people what to say when they get attacked on their next trip to America.

If I had to take a guess, someone tried to cash in on two fads at once and made a “learn English while you exercise” video that included a bunch of phrases about getting mugged.

Weird. Not the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, but weird.