Do you know how to eat sushi?

Sometimes, I wonder if this is for real:

:slight_smile: It is 100% authentic.

Yes, the Japanese are humorless people who do not laugh and have never developed satire, so it must be 100% accurate.

Try this:

Japanese Workout/English Practice

I was robbed by two men!

Hilarious. I’m going to be sure to do all of these things next time I go eat sushi.

That guy was soaking his sushi rice way too much. It would have all ended up fallen apart in the soy sauce. Maybe they pack their rice tighter over there.

Okay, a lot of that stuff was highly suspicious, but the salt ploy at the end clinched it. That’s just plain silly! They must be trying to put one over on the hakujins with this “instruction” video.

That was awesome. I’m not a big sushi person, but I almost want to go out to a sushi bar just so I can try some of those and gauge the reactions. :smiley:

I love that video. I tend to throw a lot of sushi parties, and I always forward that video to my guests so they know what to do.

I can’t for a moment imagine that anyone could possibly take this seriously.
“This is gari. No one knows what it is made of.” :smiley:

Of course I know it’s not real…

It’s just that…when I see those actors doing all that without laughing out loud, I begin to doubt my sanity.

How come I never get the sushi with monkey heads or matchbox cars? I needs to find me a classier joint.