Gross but effective way to lose weight (TMI)

Recently I had a bad gastroenteritis (major vomit/diarrhea for two awful sessions, then three days with no appetite).

And I lost about five pounds. After I quit worrying about other people who might catch it (it was definitely contagious), I began to feel that for me it was worth it.

Even as I type, I know what the answer to the question is: This would be a stupid and harmful way to lose much more than five pounds.

Still, the question is, could you somehow arrange for this once in a while? Are there fashion models or wierd people that do it?

Temporary solutions like that are ineffective for long term weight loss. It may even be detrimental to your goal because your metabolism will slow down to compensate for lack of food. So when you go back to eating properly, you’ll store more fat than before.

There are no shortcuts. If you are the kind of person that tends to gain weight, you MUST eat properly and exercise - indefinately, forever…for as long as you wish to stay thin. You must learn to enjoy the PROCESS of healthy living and losing weight, not just the end result of a thinner body.

You are wanting to catch an eating disorder… or didn’t I understand you?

Many years ago an enterprising fellow sold weight-loss pills through the mail. They worked like a charm at first, but then later he was arrested by the postal authorities. Seems the pills contained tape worms.

[ul]:eek: [sup]Now that is gross![/sup][/ul]

That’s called bulemia.

I was so sure this was going to be a clearcut UL; Snopes says Undetermined though.

Oh well, back to eating plenty fruits & vegs and getting my exercise.

(I’m still glad I caught it though. Five easy pounds!)

I think that the main weightloss will have been from fluid (when you get diarrhoea you have to be really careful not to dehydrate).

If this happened all the time (a) I think your metabolism would go into starvation mode overdrive, and (b) you would look such a wreck that you may as well be as fat as butter, because you are not going to end up attractive or model like, more like a corpse.

I don’t know if people do this or not, they inject those deadly bacteria into their skin to paralyse nerves (Botox) so there are probably some freaks that try it.

I’m trying to lose weight. I knew it was hot in the morning, so I weighed myself before I went out. 104 kg. I weighed myself as soon as I got home. 98 kg. 6 kilos down (13 lbs) in a day! W00T!

…And yes, the next evening I was right back where I was…

Lets say i wanted to lose weight the tape worm way,could i say consume large amounts of tapeworms,then take a dose of tapeworm killer when i have lost all that i wanted?

Would it work?

A lot of what you lost was probably in the form of water, of which you likely need more returned to your body if you lost so much. Last I checked, water weighs 8 lbs/gal, which is a fairly dense chemical (almost twice as dense as gasoline!) so losing some in the form of vomiting/diarrhea is probably going to amount to marked (temporary) weight loss.

I think the Tapeworms would stage a protest :wink: