[Gross, Medical] What is going on?!

What is going on in this video? And what about the pictures at the end? This is just horrid. Can someone make sense of this to me? Is this just the world’s worst abscess? An infected fistula?

Without giving too much away, let me just say that key descriptive terms here would be “green” and “toothpaste-like”.


Moderator Warning: Gross, TMI, stomach turning, NSFW, etc. - Rico

Looks like a boil.

Its proximity to the anus leads me to believe its a Pilonidal Cyst.

I’ll go with pilonidal cyst versus perianal fistula.

I knew better, but I clicked anyway. Someday I will learn.

Why is it…green?

probably a gram negative bacteria from the colon. The correct treatment (Dude, where’s my gloves?) would include antibiotics and I expect some packing to keep the wound from closing till it healed from the inside. I’d guess that the pictures at the end show how much tissue had to be excised by not following the above. I’ve seen worse

What the heck’s with the music and the police-artist sketch at the end?

Necrotic Perianal abscess.
When it has been opened out you can see the fistula track.
No hairs visible, so unlikely to be a pilonidal abscess (pilonidal meaning “nest of hair”), also location is more likely to be perianal abscess/fistula than pilonidal cyst, as pilonidal cysts tend to occur higher in the natal cleft.

Of course, just my interpretation.

I get “ingrown hairs” sometimes down there and that’s what I immediately thought. Poor girl, those things are painful. Looks to me like she let it go and grow way too long. I’d be doing sitz baths and compresses and if I ever got anything that had turned black down there I’d be freaking out. They are quite satisfying to pop tho. I bet she was really relieved.


The pimple thread lovers will be orgasmic over this one. :eek:

TMI alert!
Had them. Several times.
Trust me that one was nothing. :eek: I had them get almost as large as a small egg. Mine did not get necrotic thank Og.
After several attempts in the doctor’s office I had to go in for outpaient surgery. They wound up cutting the fistula track out and left a open wound like this /. It had to heal from the bottom up.
Made using the toilet a very :eek: :frowning: :mad: event for about a week.
It was a complete fix. They have not reoccured in over 10 years.

Yikes, I had to minimize that to about the size of a postage stamp to watch it without gagging. At first I thought that was done in a controlled environment, then I saw the person wasn’t wearing any gloves. Uck.


Honestly folks, a bartholin gland is much worse