gross tomcat q

OK here goes.

Do tomcats spray shit as well as…well…their normal spray of piss and whatever?

Background: a ginger tom has been caterwauling in our yard and I haven’t been quick enough to chuck a bucket of water over it.

Co-incidentally, along with the disgusting ammonia smell there have appeared
“puddles” of shit. Smallish, about 2" in diameter and resembing chocolate sauce they are scattered about the place. A new one this morning was deposited on an outside door as though the perp backed up and plurped.

The deposits are definitely mammalian. The only other mammalia in the area are humans, dogs, bats, rats, mice and possums.

It is not possum poo and I can’t imagine it being bat produced as there is no splatter pattern. Mice and rat crap are also ruled out.

Sorry no pic because I’m such a noob that I can’t work out photo sharing sites ( though I might have to, I guess ).


I know that cats - dogs, too - have these nasty “anal sacks” that can excrete a really sick smelling poop-like goop, but it’s usually jetted out in alarm - involuntarily I believe. The cat - if it is a cat - might be pooping around to mark territory (although its usually done by spraying urine) and is dropping whats available - all the solids might already be gone or the cat is on a low quality food source and only “poops” as you describe. OR - maybe a sick animal? Remember that cats are territorial but many cats can share a territory as their timing is often such that they do not run into one another. Sometimes one is late and whammo - a fight. Finally, I had lots of ducks and birds around - some - especially the ducks - made these nasty plops that sound like what you’re finding.

It’s like no bird stuff I’ve ever seen.

Picture just melted chocolate ice cream. Only in a puddle less than 1/4" thick, and definitely shit.

Diarrheic feces?

Yeah, it’s probably more worms than cat, poor thing.