Group wants to protest soldier funerals because sinful tolerance of Gays and Lesbians

In a town close to my home, there will be a funeral for a young Army 1st Leutenant. Some people are worried that protesters for the Westboro Baptist Church will show up and protest the funeral, denigrating the funeral procession. Looks like the CT Legislature will enact a law in time to stop the denigration.


I think I’d be quite mad if I were a father and these protesters showed up at my sons funeral.


OMG, yes. If I was a parent in that situation and those people came anywhere near us, they would be very very sorry.

Honestly, who wouldn’t be upset? That’s what those pigfuckers do. They upset people. That’s their whole goal.

This pisses me off to the highest degree. For a while there was a group of verterans on Harley’s who did their best to make it to every funeral that these pig fuckers showed up at…to get infront of them and not allow them to disrupt anything.

You know, the evil side of me wishes they’d protest the funeral of someone with an angry, gun-toting, dirt poor father who’s only got 6 months to live due to inoperable cancer.

Just out of curiosity, Phlosphr, you do know the long and sordid history this group has in the pit, right?

Is this law really a good idea?

Westboro Baptist? At this point, I’d consider it an honor to have them protest my funeral.

We still do. Our Mission Statement can be found here and I have attended several funerals for fallen soldiers since joining.
Phlosphr you should go to the site and make this event know to them if those in your part of the country are not yet aware of it.

The ironic thing here is that Phred may be the best thing that’s ever happened for gay rights. Even idiots like Falwell denounced the guy.

You are the personification and epitome of patriotism. We occasionally get threads started by cynics who wander around questioning the value of “patriotism.” Would you mind if, the next time someone asks that question, I just link to your website? Not that the dolts will really get the message, but maybe it’ll make 'em think twice.

NO I didn’t know…I spend most of my time in IMHO, but with a quick search I see it. Plus, they are getting headline news in my town, and I’m considering going to make sure they are not heard at the funeral.

Looks like they will be at the funeral! Very good on them.

Oh and what Sunrazor said…

As obnoxious as the WBC is with these protests, they still have the right to do it (within certain parameters) and this law looks patently unconstitutional to me.

Nic, I notice that your group seems to restrict itself to the funerals of veterans. Would you guys be there if it was just a dead AIDS victim? Phelps was staging these protests for years at the funerals of gay people (including Matthew Shepard) and I don’t remember the nation’s bikers ever caring until the WBC starting going to the funerals of vets.

How much does your group actually care about the homophobic content of Phelps’ protests? That’s a serious question. Do you believe that the majority of these guys would do the same thing for a gay civilian?

I have to say I don’t like this law. As obnoxious and hideous as the WBC is, they do have a right to protest whatever they like (and I want to go run and take a shower now, thank you.)

In a broad manner, CT is getting in the business of restricting free speech. Notwithstanding the fact that except for Fred’s minions, he’s pretty much universally loathed, he does have a right to say his piece.

I say keep the gov’t out of it. There’s plenty of free citizens willing to give up their time to shield the mourners from the WBC’s godawful protesting. In other words, let free speech prevail. Fred is allowed to make his point, and so am I. If I choose to be an angel, ride a Harley, or play a bagpipe at a funeral, so be it.

God, you guys are making me defend Phelps. I outta pound you for that one. :eek:

Man, that’s a hard one, isn’t it? I understand the lawmakers think this falls under the “reasonable time, place and manner restrictions” the Supreme Court has upheld in free speech cases, but…I just don’t know. IANAL or a Constitutional scholar, but something just doesn’t sit right. No one is in physical danger from what the assholes are saying - this isn’t like yelling fire in a crowded theater. This is people in a public place (I’m assuming it’s public, or the owners of the land could charge them with trespassing) spewing hateful invective. But if they’re not allowed to do that, then how can I be allowed to stand in Daley Plaza and protest the war? I’m sure I’m pissing off a lot of people doing that, and possibly causing some actual emotional harm. But I want that right protected, regardless, which means I have to work to protect the rights of the insane douchebags, as well, or risk being a total hypocrite.

I think the worst thing about this is that someone (ACLU?) will take this to court, and they’re very likely to “win” and then the Phuckers will feel some sort of vindication. I’d rather Nic2004 and his buddies peacefully intervene. When the government is the one doing the intervening, there’s little watchdogging going on.

And his funeral got picketed by the Phelpses.

They’re terrible. Stupid. Awful. Horrible. Frightening. Both the church and the law. The problem is that once the church goes away, the law is still there. The next unpopular view it suppresses may not be as weird as Phelps, and the people in charge of enforcing and interpreting it may be right-wing fundamentalists. You don’t want this. You really don’t.

The ONLY possible defense of this law could pertain to harassment, perhaps.
Otherwise, definitely unConstitutional.

As I’ve said many times before in these Phelps threads, these pickets have nothing to do with the outside world and everything to do with keeping the cult isolated from the outside world.

If everyone hates you and your family because your family does asshole things like picket funerals, you cannot form normal friendships with other people, even other rabid fundamentalists. You remain totally under the control of the patriarch, Fred Phelps, the only choice is either total obedience or expulsion from the family, the only friends you have in the entire world. The Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t need to present a palatable public face like most cults do, they don’t recruit new members, they breed them.

I don’t care for these laws. They are bad law and a bad idea. I think they’re probably unconstitutional, and definitely abridging freedom of speech. I prefer to let the WBC idiots make public fools of themselves, so that everyone understands what hateful morons they are.

I applaud the various groups that have (by invitation) counter-protested to support and protect the families.

If it were my child’s funeral, I still would prefer to be supported by private citizens than protected by bad law.

On the other hand, I have nothing but contempt for the various legislatures who have rushed to pass these laws.

It was fine as long as Phelps and crew were just attacking the families of faggots, wasn’t it?

Fuck all of you, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.