How would Grover Cleveland be categorized today? Which party would he belong to?

People would be amazed at how much time passed between his second and third terms.

He’s the monster at the end of the book!!!

Democrat I imagine. I think most of his support must have come from blue states.

The Muppet Party.

He was born in a beautiful red brick house which is surrounded by jet black wrought-iron gates. Its situated some 30-50 feet from a major thoroughfare called Bloomfield Avenue and diagonally across the street from a
5-store decaying strip mall with a combo Dunkin Donuts/ Baskin Robbins. Buses often drive past the residence and leave his statue in large clouds of black exhaust.

Some say that’s a fitting tribute to any politician.

he’d be categorized as dead.


He’d be a moderate Republican (a New York Republican).

Perfect category for someone who no longer exists!

“My post is my cite” rarely works but it does in this case.