Growing Loganberries Question

Where I live in NW Montana we have wild berry bushes everywhere, so I decided to plant some cultivated varieties in my garden. I planted raspberries, blueberries and loganberries a few years ago. The raspberries have done great, the loganberries just so-so, and the blueberries not at all, although this year the blueberries are doing better than they have in the past.

I tie the raspberry canes to the chicken wire fencing, which acts like a trellis and works great, but the loganberries grow more horizontally than vertically. Should I tie them up like the raspberries, or just leave them alone? Eventually I will run out of space on the ground for them to grow…

Blueberrys are very sensitive to the type of soil. They require acidic soils rich in organic matter, e.g. a peat bed like for rhododendrons (blueberry growth requirements).
Loganberries, like blackberries, need some support if you don’t want them to grow in a tangled heap. Berries grow on year-old canes, so prune out the older canes.(Loganberry growth requirements)